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LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--By 2017 it is anticipated that the world prepreg market will be worth over $7.2 billion, with yearly shipments estimated at nearly 153,000 metric tons, according to a new report available from companiesandmarkets.com. This robust growth forecast recognises the rising demand for prepreg materials from the aerospace, defense and energy industries.

Prepreg (Pre-impregnated Composite Fibers): A Global Strategic Business Report


Prepregs are recognised by the composites sector for their strength, high fiber content, and versatile nature. Historically, the industrial sector has always been the largest end user of prepreg materials but it is the recreational and sporting goods segment which will drive future prepreg market demand, at a rate of 14% throughout the reporting period.

Basic types of prepreg, examined within the report, are: tow-preg, fabric prepreg and unidirectional prepreg.

The commercial aerospace sector is struggling, but the time lag between aircraft order and delivery mean that it still represents an important market. Coupled with the growing demand for lightweight composite blades from the wind energy sector, these two industries will drive the prepreg market for the next few years.

Concentrated demand from the aerospace and defense segments make the US the largest prepreg market, while Asia-Pacific will note fastest growth in unit shipments to 2017, at 13% CAGR: boosted by Chinese and Indian demand.

Over 70 industry participants are profiled within the pre-impregnated composite fibers research report, including: Yokohama Aerospace America, Inc., Toray Industries, Inc., Tencate Advanced Composites USA, Inc, Taconic, Isola, Hexcel Corporation, Gurit Holding AG, and Cytec Industries, Inc.

The August 2011 research piece has 399 pages of detailed insight into the prepreg market, including historical and forecast statistics for the period 2003-2017. The global prepreg market is analysed by geography: US, Canada, Japan, Europe, France, Germany, UK, Rest of Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa. The report includes discussion around the key elements of the pre-impregnated composite fibers market, including drivers/barriers, product launches, developments, industry initiatives, production and competitive scenario, amongst other factors.

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