Shearwater Air Announces In-Flight Wireless Internet Capabilities

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Shearwater Air Announces In-Flight Wireless Internet Capabilities

Shearwater Air Announces In-Flight Wireless Internet Capabilities

MONTEREY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Monterey’s premier private jet charter service, Shearwater Air, announced today that its Bombardier Challenger 300 now features on-board Aircell High Speed Internet. Shearwater Air is the only Monterey-based jet charter services offering high speed internet.

The latest in airborne technology, Aircell High Speed Internet provides Shearwater Air customers with in-flight internet often faster than what they use on the ground. Shearwater customers will be able to use any Wi-Fi enabled devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones to access the internet in the air. They will be able to browse websites, send and receive e-mail with attachments, access a VPN, conduct research, download music, and much more.

“Some of our passengers fly private to relax and enjoy our well-appointed cabin and the quiet and luxury not experienced on commercial jets, but others travel private to get work accomplished. With our new in-flight wireless internet, passengers can bring their business on-board. The connection is fast and easy to use,” said David Hamilton, Shearwater Air Director of Operations.

Shearwater Air is rated Gold by ARGUS, the worldwide leader in safety audits for corporate flight departments, charter operators and commercial airlines. The Gold level is assigned to operators who meet or exceed the established ARGUS standards for safety history and crew experience.

For more information on Shearwater Air visit www.shearwaterair.com or call 831.655.9990.

About Shearwater

Named after the incredible seabirds that migrate thousands of miles each year, Shearwater Air is a jet charter and aircraft management company based in Monterey, Calif. Its luxurious, 9-seat Bombardier Challenger 300 aircraft can travel to thousands of U.S. airports not served by commercial airliners, including directly from Monterey to Hawaii. Its passengers enjoy the convenience of driving their car right up to the plane and taking off in minutes. In addition to its jet charter services, Shearwater Air has been managing aircraft since 1996, only dispatching approved planes and pilots that adhere to rigorous safety standards.

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