Companies & Markets: Electric aircraft market shows trend for larger batteries

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LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The electric aircraft market is evolving, and over the next decade more and more electric aircraft will be built from scratch rather than be designed around existing frameworks, according to a new report available from companiesandmarkets.com. Technological advancements hold the key to market expansion; for example, developments in printed electronics will allow for improvements to solar cells which will help power aircraft.

Electric Aircraft 2011-2021 – Market Research Report


Among other factors, the demand for electric vehicles is being driven by escalating fuel costs and the need to reduce environmental impact. Furthermore, there has been an increase in the financial backing for the development of electric aircraft and associated technologies, and the ban on lead-based fuels has also enhanced interest in the segment.

The term ‘electric aircraft’ covers a range of aerial vehicle types, including small unmanned aerial vehicles (SUAVs), such as: aerovironment small AUVs; robot insects; reconnaissance bugs and bats, and nano air vehicles, as well as larger scale aircraft, such as solar airships and airliners.

This electric aircraft research report provides analysis of the electric aircraft market in conjunction with water and land-based electric vehicles (EVs), as there are synergies across the board in terms of the technologies and components used. The report is understood to be the only one available which discusses every type of electric flying aircraft, regardless of size.

Numerous technologies associated with electric aircraft are discussed in the report, such as powertrains, motors, batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, supercabatteries, energy harvesting, regenerative soaring and power beaming.

A number of industry participants are referenced within the electric aircraft researchhttp://www.companiesandmarkets.com/Market-Report/separation-systems-for-commercial-biotechnology-695380.asp?prk=7c4ed5b510c1ffe12b50d9829eddaba2 report, including: Alatus, Diamond Aircraft, Electravia, Falx, Lange Aviation, Lite Machines Corporation, Renault, Sikorsky, Sunrise, Tokyo University, Windward Performance and Yuneec International.

The August 2011 research piece includes 209 pages of insight into the electric aircraft market, including historical and forecast statistics for the period 2010-2021. Non-technical readers will be able to grasp the basics of the technologies referenced, while more technical readers will be able to identify opportunities to exploit the electric and hybrid aircraft sector.

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