TAGSYS RFID and ICM Airport Technics Announce Strategic Alliance

Dépèche transmise le 10 octobre 2011 par Business Wire

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TAGSYS, the leading provider of item-level RFID infrastructure, and ICM Airport Technics, a market leader in airport material flow and logistics systems, have signed a cooperative agreement to produce and supply end-to-end bag drop systems for the aviation industry.

“Combining TAGSYS’ experience in designing unique, customized RFID integrated solutions with ICM Airport Technics’ automated logistics technology represents an entirely new approach to airline baggage handling”

The end-to-end bag drop systems include an RFID UHF Gen 2 Permanent Bag Tag (PBT) and self-service systems through innovative equipment enabling fast bag dropping for international flights. The PBT proposed by TAGSYS is optimized to be processed by ICM Self-Service Bag Drop. In order to be used internationally at airports that do not already have an RFID infrastructure, the future tag will offer a unique feature on the market: a small electronic-paper-based display providing visual data such as flight number, owner name and possibly a bar code.

The new bag drop system is the result of the work TAGSYS and ICM performed on the Qantas Airway “Next Generation Check-In” project. ICM Airport Technics developed the Self-Service Bag Drop solution for this project, which is now implemented at all Qantas Hubs in Australia. TAGSYS developed the reusable Q Bag Tag, an RFID tag without display that can store the details of up to four flights, and can be reprogrammed for future flights. Qantas deployed the tags in conjunction with contactless loyalty cards that can be used as permanent boarding passes to speed self check-in.

“Combining TAGSYS’ experience in designing unique, customized RFID integrated solutions with ICM Airport Technics’ automated logistics technology represents an entirely new approach to airline baggage handling,” said Alain Fanet, TAGSYS CEO. “As part of the system, the Permanent Bag Tag can unlock efficiencies throughout the check-in and sortation process, which will not only improve the accuracy of luggage handling, but speed passenger processing at the gate and ultimately improve travelers’ experience.”

The ICM Self-Service Bag Drop includes a touchscreen monitor and weigh-scale conveyor that allows passengers to check their own baggage and pay additional fees if their luggage exceeds airline weight limitations. The system then activates the reusable Permanent Bag Tag, and the bag is sent to the baggage handling system for sortation.

“Baggage tracking has traditionally relied on disposable paper tags,” said Arne Roehrig, Managing Director for ICM. “By using a reprogrammable, reusable Permanent Bag Tag, airlines can reduce waste and improve efficiency of baggage handling, while enabling new customer service offerings.”

TAGSYS and ICM Airport Technics will display Permanent Bag Tag prototypes and the Self-Service Bag Drop Solution at the InterAirport Europe Exhibition in Munich, October 11-14 in Stand 1406 (Hall B5).

About ICM Airport Technics

ICM Airport Technics is a market leader in material flow and logistic systems in and around airports operating on an international scale. Our range of services starts with manual or semi-automatic systems for smaller airports and forwarding agents, and extends to turnkey, fully automatic systems for cargo and baggage handling and airline catering. ICM Airport Technics GmbH is a member of the Unitechnik Group. For more information, visit www.icm-airtec.com.


TAGSYS provides complete, reliable, high performance RFID infrastructure systems for item-level tracking in a variety of industries. Our unique RFID expertise, combined with a true understanding of RFID business processes, make us the ideal RFID partner to ease and ensure the success of your project. With a proven track record of delivering reliable, high performance production systems, TAGSYS has deployed RFID systems to over 500 customers in more than 40 countries. More information on TAGSYS can be found at www.tagsysrfid.com.

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