Frank Lavin to Discuss How Small Businesses Can Succeed Overseas with E-Commerce at Greater Cleveland Partnership

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CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For businesses overwhelmed by budget and management constraints, e-commerce is an affordable and efficient solution to conduct domestic sales as well as an opportunity to access international markets. And President Barack Obama’s recent National Export Initiative—with the bold goal of doubling U.S. exports in the next five years—has many businesses thinking about, and grappling with, the nuts and bolts of exporting for the first time.

“For businesses facing stagnant sales in the U.S., there are considerable growth opportunities available by accessing international markets”

While many small and midsize companies understand the potential of international markets and customers to increase revenue, intimidating challenges of doing business abroad remain, including complicated customs regulations, currency, language and cultural differences, among others.

Fortunately, exporting through e-commerce can be an affordable, efficient solution for businesses of any size and Ohio native, Frank Lavin, has advice for those that are interested in learning how. Lavin, chairman and CEO of Export Now (ExportNow.com) and former U.S. Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade, is well known in trade policy circles for his role as “America’s Salesman in Chief” while at the U.S. Commerce Department and for his work while U.S. Ambassador to Singapore during the Free Trade Agreement negotiations. In these roles Lavin has helped thousands of businesses formulate successful export strategies to enter foreign markets and win overseas.

“For businesses facing stagnant sales in the U.S., there are considerable growth opportunities available by accessing international markets,” said Lavin. “Exporting has become increasingly necessary to ensure continued growth and recent technology advancements in e-commerce, as well as policy, are making it easier than ever before to expand abroad.”

In a presentation at the Greater Cleveland Partnership, Lavin will share his insights on how businesses can harness e-commerce, outline the most common pitfalls for first-time exporters and address important policy changes. Based on his years of experience in international trade, Lavin’s “can-do” approach for any size business to go global provides practical wisdom on profiting from global business opportunities.

Individuals interested in attending the event can contact Clare Malone to register: clare@exportnow.com.

When: November 1, 2011; from 8 to 9 a.m. ET; registration begins at 7:30 a.m.

Where: Greater Cleveland Partnership; 1240 Huron Road, Cleveland, Ohio, 1st floor boardroom


About Export Now

Founded by Frank Lavin, former U.S. Ambassador and Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade, Export Now has the expertise to help U.S. companies navigate the challenges of exporting to China. Export Now removes all the barriers to exporting—language, regulations, logistics, distribution. All customers have to do is click and ship. The company’s tech-enabled solution combines end-to-end logistics, customs management and the translation needed to market goods to Chinese consumers.

Export Now distributes these products through an exclusive store on Tmall.com, Taobao's home for online retail. Export Now’s exclusive store is a special section on Tmall specifically designed to highlight authentic American products. For more information or to sign up, visit www.exportnow.com.

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