Falcon® Electric Expands ED Series™ Rackmount UPS Product Line with Lightweight, Multi-Module Solution for Military COTS Applications

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Falcon® Electric Expands ED Series™ Rackmount UPS Product Line with Lightweight, Multi-Module Solution for Military COTS Applications

Falcon® Electric Expands ED Series™ Rackmount UPS Product Line with Lightweight, Multi-Module Solution for Military COTS Applications

IRWINDALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Falcon Electric, Inc. (www.falconups.com), an award-winning provider of custom and Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) power solutions for the military and aerospace markets, announces a new three-module version of its popular 5000VA ED Series rugged uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs). Designed to protect sensitive military communications and electronic equipment in harsh environments against costly power problems, the ED Series is now available in a modular form factor that significantly improves the ability for military personnel to move and relocate the UPS. Electronic equipment is typically hand-carried through tight spaces onto and off of military vehicles, aircraft and vessels. With the new three-module configuration, lifting the UPS is now within acceptable weight limits for a “one-man” lift.

“Falcon Electric continues to innovate based on our customers’ input”

The new ED Series 5000VA rackmount UPS, model ED-4-5000RM-3/1-6-L-3, batteries and control electronics are housed in three modules that each consist of a 2U (3.5 inches high) form factor for 19” racks. Now, approximately 130 pounds of weight is distributed between the modules making service and logistics of the UPS much easier.

“Falcon Electric continues to innovate based on our customers’ input,” explained Paul Newman, vice president of manufacturing for Falcon Electric. “In this case, our customer, a U.S. Department of Defense contractor, asked us to limit the weight of the UPS to reduce the likelihood of injury trying to move heavy electronics in and out of equipment racks or military vehicles and aircraft. In general, UPSs tend to be heavy and dense, mostly due to the sealed, valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries and transformers that these units typically incorporate. By redesigning our 5000VA ED unit into three, approximately 43-pound modules, it’s much easier and safer to move and carry.”

For example, the servicemen and women that operate submarines must be able to depend on any crew member to hand-carry electronic systems on and off of the submarine. The 125 pound weight of a typical 5000VA rackmount UPS proves too cumbersome to maneuver. By separating the UPS into smaller modules, the unit can be easily and quickly carried on and off the submarine.

In order to make a “single” 5000VA UPS out of three modules, the ED -4-5000RM-3/1-6-L-3’s three 2U modules each perform a specific role which, in concert with multiple power and communications cables, gives users the ability to slide in the three 2U chassis into the equipment rack and then connect all of the functionality through the cables. The system consists of two UPS modules and a single module that contains the charger and other electronics. The end result is a UPS, which, in terms of functionality and performance, mirrors Falcon’s model ED-5000RM-1 two 3U “double-module” UPS.

As the most reliable, lightweight and compact UPS on the market today, the ED Series can receive power from a number of input sources, including generators and off-grid power sources. The ED Series is the most robust UPS in terms of overall reliability.

Availability and Pricing

Available now, Falcon is accepting orders for the ED Series ED-4-5000RM-3/1-L-3. For pricing information, contact one of Falcon’s military representatives at 800-842-6940, 626-962-7770 or email sales@falconups.com.

About Falcon Electric:

Headquartered in Irwindale, Calif., Falcon Electric, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of award-winning power protection and conversion solutions. For over 23 years, Falcon has been dedicated to offering the latest in technology, superior engineering standards, and unmatched technical support and customized solutions. Falcon manufactures power systems that meet the exacting standards of the military/aerospace, scientific/labs, industrial automation, computer, telecommunications and other industries that demand the highest product reliability to meet their critical power needs. For more information about Falcon Electric and its innovative products, visit www.FalconUPS.com.

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