Frontier Airlines Shares Essential Family Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

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DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The holiday season is nearly here – the time when families take to the skies to visit loved ones far away. Whether jetting across the country for a few days or for a longer visit, stress-free flying can be a reality this season.

“Holiday travel really can be easy and stress-free”

Frontier Airlines has compiled a list of essential family travel tips to make holiday excursions as easy as possible. With peak season fast approaching, full flights are anticipated. To avoid a holiday headache, plan ahead and follow these smart travel tips.

Before You Go

  • Some airlines offer the best fares only on their official website, so it pays to visit individual airline websites to research the best fares for your family. Frontier Airlines takes this a step further by offering a price guarantee: If you purchase a ticket on Frontier’s website and then find a lower fare elsewhere, Frontier will refund the difference and provide a $100 certificate good toward future travel. Additionally, Frontier’s newly re-designed website offers travelers the ability to view fares by day of the week for an easy cost comparison.
  • Book your tickets early to make sure you get your first choice of seating and flight times (consider scheduling your flight when your child normally sleeps). Early booking also offers a better possibility of finding a great fare.
  • When making your reservation, take time to review the available fares; it might be worth spending a little more to receive amenities that cover the cost of the upgrade. For example, Frontier's popular Classic and Classic Plus fares include free DirecTV® on Airbus flights; two free checked bags; no-fee itinerary changes; no-charge or reduced fees to upgrade to STRETCH seating – which offers up to 7 additional inches of legroom; and more.
  • If possible, choose an airline that offers inflight entertainment. For a nominal charge, Frontier Airlines provides 24 channels of DirecTV® at every seat on Airbus flights, including child-friendly shows and first-run movies.
  • For packing tips, visit the Transportation Security Administration’s website at www.tsa.gov. Remember 3-1-1 for liquids in carry-on bags: 3-oz. or smaller bottles of liquids, gels and aerosols; 1 qt. clear, plastic, zip-top bag, 1 bag per passenger.
  • Check in online before you leave home. This will save you time at the airport, even if you have luggage to check.

At the Airport

  • Arrive at the airport early. Arrival time recommendations vary by airline and airport, so check with your carrier. Allow plenty of time to check baggage, go through security, get to your gate and visit the restrooms before boarding.
  • Following a few simple tips will make the security checkpoint easier to navigate:

-- Use the line designated for families, if offered at your airport.

-- Have your IDs (required for passengers 18 and older) and boarding passes ready.

-- Remove your coats and shoes (slip-on shoes are recommended). New screening procedures allow passengers 12 and younger to leave their shoes on.

-- Remove laptops and 3-1-1 bags from your carry-on and place them in a screening bin.

-- Remove your children from their baby carriers and strollers. Take infants and small children with you through the metal detector; children who can walk without assistance should go through separately. Send carriers and strollers through the X-ray machine with your other items.

  • Use strollers to transport your children to the gate. Frontier will gladly check your stroller and baby items at the gate and then return them to you at the gate at your destination, rather than making you pick them up at baggage claim.
  • Travel with light snacks, such as crackers or pretzels. Keep spillage issues in mind, so pack snacks in spill-proof, re-sealable and unbreakable containers. Baby formula, breast milk and juice are allowed through security in reasonable quantities, but other beverages must be purchased after clearing the TSA security checkpoint.
  • As a courtesy, Frontier offers families traveling with children under 5 years old the opportunity to board the aircraft before general boarding. As every parent knows, the extra time to buckle in children and get settled is important.

On the Plane

  • If you’re planning to use a car seat on the plane, ask the flight attendant for a lap-extender belt. It will save you time and make it easier to buckle and unbuckle the seatbelt. Make sure your car seat is FAA-approved and carries a red label stating: “This restraint device is approved for motor vehicle and aircraft use.” Use of the FAA-approved AMSafe Aviation C.A.R.E.S. child harness device is also allowed.
  • Be prepared with a change of clothes for your child. You never know when there might be an unexpected spill.
  • Young ears are sensitive to cabin pressure changes during takeoff and landing. Frontier suggests bringing along a baby bottle, pacifier, lollipop or chewing gum to help alleviate the pressure.
  • Pack a small carry-on for each child. Include books, crayons and something familiar to cuddle.
  • Keep prescriptions and over-the-counter medications with you in your carry-on bag. If your child has a cold, ear infection or respiratory condition, check with a doctor prior to flying.

“Holiday travel really can be easy and stress-free,” said Cliff Van Leuven, vice president of Customer Service at Frontier Airlines. “At Frontier, our employees work hard to ensure travelers – and in particular traveling families – have the best and most comfortable experience possible.”

About Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: RJET), an airline holding company that also owns Chautauqua Airlines, Republic Airlines and Shuttle America. Currently in its 18th year of operations, Frontier employs 5,000 aviation professionals and operates from hubs at Denver International Airport, Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport and Kansas City International Airport. Frontier offers service to more than 75 destinations in the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica.

For in-depth information on Frontier Airlines and to book tickets, visit FrontierAirlines.com.

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