Thai Lantern Festival Lighting up the Night Sky, Says DialAFlight

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LONDON, December 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

- Current Hat Yai International Lantern Festival set to finish on 28th February 2012. - 'Colours of the South' festival attracts thousands of tourists to southern Thailand each year. - DialAFlight continuing to offer cheap flights to Thailand throughout the festivals duration.

In celebration of the annual International Lantern Festival held in Hat Yai, Thailand, one of the UK's leading travel operators, DialAFlight, are delighted to announce that they are offering customers cheap flights to Thailand [http://www.dialaflight.com/flights/asia/thailand ] throughout the festivals entire duration (1st November 2011- 28th February 2012).

Locally referred to as the 'Colours of the South' festival, the International Lantern Festival regularly attracts thousands of tourists to the southern tip of Thailand- more specifically the city of Hat Yai-each year. The festival is internationally recognised by the lighting of decorative lanterns, which illuminate the night sky and nearby river during ritual ceremonies held each evening.

In tradition of Loi Krathrog, an ancient festival celebrating the rise of the last full moon of the year (according to the Thai Lunar Calendar), hundreds of luminous lanterns are lit and then freed skywards or placed along the local river every night. The ritual gives visitors the chance to pay their respects to 'river spirits' and takes place throughout the whole duration of the festival.

As well as colourful lantern displays, visitors to the city will also be treated to regular firework shows and beauty pageants- a popular form of entertainment in Thailand.

Commenting on the festival, a spokesperson for DialAFlight said today:

"Loi Krathrog is one of the most eagerly anticipated festivals of the year. It brings families and communities together in a colourful celebration of ancient Thai tradition and heritage. However with the Thai tourist boom attracting millions of visitors to the kingdom each year, more and more tourists are now attending the festival too."

"We [DialAFlight] are therefore delighted to continue offering customers cheap flights to Thailand throughout the festivals duration. Having been to Hat Yai before, I can't recommend the city enough. There's plenty to see and do, and the local people are all so welcoming. "

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