XRF Analysis for RoHS Evaluation, Counterfeit Detection and Plating Thickness

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XRF Analysis for RoHS Evaluation, Counterfeit Detection and Plating Thickness

XRF Analysis for RoHS Evaluation, Counterfeit Detection and Plating Thickness

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nasco offers RoHS testing services for restricted substances on all electronic components and aerospace hardware. Frank Bagnasco, President of Nasco added the Oxford Instruments X-Strata 980 to its list of equipment used to not only verify the authenticity of the parts it sells but also offer affordable testing services to companies needing RoHS compliance verification.

Originally used to verify RoHS compliance, XRF analysis is now a useful tool in determining the authenticity of electronic components.

Did you know that with the implementation of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive electronic component manufacturers maintain data that list the elemental composition of their products? Using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) equipment to compare the elemental breakdown of the part being analyzed to the manufacturer’s specifications or a known good device is another vital tool in the combat against counterfeit components!

The X-Strata 980 is unique in that not only does it perform elemental composition analysis; it is capable of measuring the plating thickness of components. This is useful in a number of applications:

  • Military and Aerospace hardware: Analyzes the plating material and thickness and compare these results to the specification
  • RoHS to Sn/Pb (tin/lead) conversion: Tests the plating thickness of parts that have been converted using hot solder dip to replace the finish on electronic components per the GEIA-STD-0006 standard.


  • Electronic components
    • RoHS compliance verification
    • Material composition comparison to manufacturer’s specification
    • Material composition comparison to “Golden Standard”
    • Plating thickness and material composition after RoHS to Sn/Pb (tin/lead) conversion
  • Military and Aerospace Hardware
    • Material composition and plating thickness comparison to the manufacture’s specification/drawing
  • Detailed report included

Visit our website at www.nascosales.com/ and view our 4 Tier Counterfeit Avoidance Inspection Process for more information.


Nasco Distributor Sales has been in business for over 10 years. We have been ISO 9120:2000 certified since 2005. Our in house test laboratory is ISO 17025:2005 and we will be applying for AS6171 certification as soon as it is available. We are members of GIDEP, ERAI and SMTA.


For more information contact Frank Bagnasco at 727.828.1309 or visit our website at www.nascosales.com.

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