DSC Logistics Brings Expertise to the GMA/FMI Supply Chain Conference

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DSC Logistics Brings Expertise to the GMA/FMI Supply Chain Conference

DSC Logistics Brings Expertise to the GMA/FMI Supply Chain Conference

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DSC Logistics is sending executives from its leadership team to the joint Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Supply Chain Conference January 22 – 25, 2012, bringing their knowledge to the conference discussions and sessions. With over 50 years of experience as Supply Chain Partner and Lead Logistics Partner to some of the world’s leading food and consumer good companies, DSC has developed expertise in these industry segments, and gained a thorough knowledge of the food and consumer goods supply chains. Additional capabilities DSC provides to their food and consumer goods customer partners include value-added services, food safety management, transportation management, labor management, cost-to-serve analysis and management, and sustainability knowledge.

Innovation and expertise make DSC Logistics ready-for-anything! For companies who are undergoing a major transition, whether it is growth from new acquisitions, new products, new markets, or increased volume, DSC can help the supply chain support and advance that growth. DSC’s start-up and business process integration experts - including SCOUT (DSC’s Supply Chain On-Site Unification Team) - have experience with hundreds of successful start-ups and network realignments over the past decade. DSC Logistics has a Strategic Partnership Process in place that improves collaboration as they design, manage and adapt to help companies achieve their business goals.

About DSC Logistics

DSC Logistics, a leading supply chain management company, focuses on designing, integrating, managing, and adapting supply chain solutions. DSC capabilities as a Lead Logistics Partner (LLP) and third-party provider (3PL) include supply chain analysis and design, network optimization and management, Logistics Center management, transportation management and consolidation, business process integration, supply chain visibility, and value-added services. In today’s environment, filled with rapid and unpredictable change, DSC helps customers achieve their goals by being ready for anything! To learn more, please visit www.dsclogistics.com, call (800)372-1960 or e-mail customersolutions@dsclogistics.com.

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