Sydney Walking on Sunshine, Says DialAFlight

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LONDON, February 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

After a summer of moderate warmth, Sydney finally breaks the 30 degree mark

After 60 gruelling days of moderate summer warmth, 'Sydney-siders' had the perfect excuse to fire up the barbeque on Monday (30th January) as the city finally surpassed the 30 degree mark, reports DialAFlight, one of the UK's leading travel operators and providers of flights to Sydney [http://www.dialaflight.com/flights/australia/sydney/?menlink=true ].

For two months the city had sulked in lukewarm weather as a continuous flow of cold easterly winds- blowing in from the Pacific Ocean- kept temperatures well below the average for peak summer periods. However, on Monday afternoon, Sydney basked in temperatures reaching 32.6 degrees, according to the Australian weatherzone website.

The website claims the lower-than- normal summer temperatures have been caused by an ocean- atmosphere phenomenon known as 'La Nina'- where sudden brisk sea surface temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere cause an episode of colder, overcast conditions; typically lasting over a five month period.

Thus far temperatures have only averaged a mere 24.5 degrees- unusually low for the three Australian summer months (December, January and February).

However meteorologists claim Monday's burst of hotter weather is a result of rare northerly winds blowing across the New South Wales territory; bringing with it clear skies and a warmer continental air mass.

The 60 day stint ends the city's longest summer stretch in 15 years without hitting the 30 degree mark. Not since the summer of 1996/97, when experts recorded a 61 day delay, has Sydney waited longer for bursts of sultry weather- long may it continue.

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