Winter Storm has Air Travelers Bracing for Major Delays & Cancellations

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Winter Storm has Air Travelers Bracing for Major Delays & Cancellations

Winter Storm has Air Travelers Bracing for Major Delays & Cancellations

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Despite this year’s calm winter, heavy snow, strong winds and possible blizzard conditions are expected to hit the Midwest Tuesday night and stretch into the Northeast on Wednesday.

“A winter storm doesn’t have to ruin your travel plans”

Major delays and cancellations are inevitable during the winter travel season. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics from December 2010 to February 2011, nearly 60 percent of National Aviation System delays were due to inclement weather conditions. If flight departure times look grim in the Midwest and Northeast on Wednesday and Thursday, acting fast and knowing which questions to ask can mean the difference between a slightly delayed arrival and a cancelled trip.

“A winter storm doesn’t have to ruin your travel plans,” says Mike Benjamin, CEO of FlightView, the leader in day-of-travel information. “Travelers who are prepared for delays and cancellations, and have fast access to real-time flight information, can quickly and more easily alter travel arrangements to reach their destinations.”

Here’s a look at FlightView's top 10 tips for how to deal with travel disruptions:

1. Search for alternative flights online before talking to an airline agent. An airline’s mobile app or website should provide total visibility into all flight options, so you’re not limited to only those flights the agent offers.

2. Check flights offered by airline partners. Many airlines have alliance partners – providing more flight options at little-to-no cost to travelers.

3. Book morning flights. When weather gets in the way, morning flights are more likely to depart – even if delayed. Afternoon and evening flights are more frequently cancelled.

4. Keep a close eye on other flights. Travelers can use FlightView’s mobile app to check flights offered by all airlines – even those scheduled to have already departed – giving travelers more options for reaching their destinations.

5. Book directly with the airline. It’s easier and quicker to rebook a flight if the original reservations were made directly with the airline.

6. Consider other modes of transportation. Traveling by ground may be faster. Travelers should check car rental agencies, trains or buses located near their airport.

7. Put local hotels on speed dial. Stranded travelers should book a hotel room immediately. Airlines and airports are not required to provide accommodations, and if lots of flights are delayed or cancelled, the rooms go fast.

8. Consider purchasing a day pass to the airline’s club or lounge. If a flight is significantly delayed, the lounge can offer a quiet place to work or relax – and it doesn’t require an annual membership.

9. Find free entertainment for young travelers. Numerous airports (BWI, ORD, BOS, CVG, DFW, DTW, MSP, etc.) have incorporated play areas for children – which helps ease the burden on already stressed parents when travel plans are delayed.

10. Negotiate for travel benefits. While they aren’t often advertized, some airlines will provide meal or hotel vouchers when requested.

FlightView offers travelers several free tools to help with travel disruptions. FlightView’s mobile website and mobile apps – available on the Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Palm - offer travelers a simple way to track flights and stay informed while on the go. Another useful tool for delayed and stranded travelers is FlightView’s airport information page, which offers travelers real-time updates on airport delays, flight changes, limousine services, and parking facilities. To track your flight now, visit FlightView.com.

About FlightView

FlightView is the leading provider of accurate, real-time flight information solutions for the aviation and travel industries. FlightView was started in 2008 when CEO Mike Benjamin brought a new management and technology team to RLM Software, the first recipient of the ASDI (FAA radar) data feed and long-time consultant to the FAA. With a new focus on delivering actionable flight information across the full range of media platforms, FlightView was born. Since then, FlightView’s customer list has grown to include over 120 Airports, several major and mid-sized airlines and other travel related customers who employ FlightView information in digital displays, Web and mobile sites, native apps, and other uses. FlightView mobile products were launched starting in 2009 and our native apps for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Palm platforms have logged over 1M downloads. FlightView is located in Boston Massachusetts. To learn more, please visit FlightView.com.

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