Advoco EAM Practice Announces MRO Parts Optimization Services

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Advoco EAM Practice Announces MRO Parts Optimization Services

Advoco EAM Practice Announces MRO Parts Optimization Services

GREENVILLE, S.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Advoco, a leading Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software consulting services company, announced today that it now offers MRO Parts Optimization Services. Using a comprehensive three step process, Advoco will assist customers in understanding and better managing MRO spending to produce cost savings and improved maintenance.

“Every EAM customer should take advantage of this service.”

Advoco’s EAM software customers will benefit from the assistance of an on-site consultant who will walk through three steps to help clean up data and inventory, reorganize, and implement new processes for significant ROI—Determine WHAT You Buy, Determine WHEN You Buy, and Determine WHERE You Buy. “We are pleased to provide this critical offering to our customers,” said Marty Osborn, partner. “There is always a considerable cost associated with maintaining assets; however, if customers follow these steps, that cost can be minimized significantly.”

Specifically, Advoco will begin working with a customer to clean up their purchasing information by identifying duplicate manufacturers and suppliers, pinpointing obsolete parts, and then categorizing parts by universally recognized standard codes. The process then moves on to maintaining this new organization using EAM software, while later addressing supplier selection optimization. “Our customers will experience substantial efficiency gains and reduced spending associated with cleaning up data, addressing issues, and making better informed decisions,” explained Osborn. “Every EAM customer should take advantage of this service.”

About Advoco

Advoco is a leading management and consulting services company headquartered in Berkeley, CA with an office in Greenville, SC. Advoco focuses on Infor EAM – previously known as Datastream 7i – offering EAM services and implementation.

By optimizing business performance through an improved application of IT, Advoco forms a trusted partnership and continues to meet the complex needs of leading organizations. Advoco clients include Fortune 1000 accounts and leading private and public organizations around the world. In Latin, advoco means “to call in an advisor.” For Advoco customers, it simply means business. It’s a promise we deliver daily. Expect success.

For more information about Advoco, call 415-632-1574 or 864-209-1180 or visit www.advocoinc.com.

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