Industry first DisplayPort 1.2 Protocol Analysis

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FuturePlus Systems today introduced two new DisplayPort® Version 1.2 protocol analysis tools for use with industry-standard logic analyzers. They will be used by embedded and systems designers involved in the development of computers and peripherals incorporating the new DisplayPort Version 1.2 technology.

“FuturePlus Systems has 21 years of protocol-aware bus analysis tool experience”

The new tools probe a DisplayPort bus at up to 5.4 Gb/s using standard logic analysis platforms. "FuturePlus Systems has 21 years of protocol-aware bus analysis tool experience," said Ed Aichinger, President, FuturePlus Systems. "As serial buses increase in speed and complexity, reliable and easy-to-use validation tools are critical to digital designers. We enable DisplayPort designers to reduce development time using the new FuturePlus® products.”

Two versions are available: The FS4439 supports Agilent logic analyzers and the FS4438 supports Tektronix logic analyzers.

FS4438/FS4439 Feature Highlights

  • Full Link Layer protocol analysis at 5.4 Gbps
  • Two probing types available for the High Speed Main Link:
    cable interposer and flying leads
  • Main Link Layer protocol decoder displays secondary data packets, reconstructed pixel data, and audio packets decoded and identified
  • DP 1.2 Multi Stream Transport and Single Stream Transport modes supported, as well as DP 1.1a
  • Packets are automatically descrambled and deskewed
  • Auxiliary channel protocol decoder displays all bi-directional traffic
  • The Probe Manager software executing on a PC or Logic Analyzer controls the analysis probe over a USB interface in real time and can set a not-pixel recognizer to trigger on any specific pixel data of any format

Three Software Components Simplify Analysis, Speed Setup:

The new product includes software that decodes and displays detailed bus protocol activity on the High Speed Main Link and Auxiliary Channel.

Configuration files are also provided to facilitate quick logic-analyzer setup.

Probe Manager Software executing on a Windows-based logic analyzer or PC controls the analysis probe over a USB interface, in real time.

FuturePlus Systems offers optional cable interposer or flying lead cable adapters to accommodate a variety of requirements for connecting the new tools to the DisplayPort target system under test.

U.S. Pricing and Availability

FS4438 /FS4439 DisplayPort 1.2 protocol analysis probe, $60,000, less cables. Delivery is four weeks ARO.

About FuturePlus Systems

FuturePlus Systems Corporation is a privately held manufacturer of bus protocol analysis tools for the computer industry. FuturePlus Systems has authorized resellers in major countries worldwide. FuturePlus Systems is a member of the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA®). More information about VESA may be found at www.vesa.org. More information about FuturePlus Systems may be found here.

FuturePlus is a registered trademark of FuturePlus Systems Corporation.

DisplayPort and VESA are registered trademarks of the Video Electronics Standards Association.

Readers will receive the quickest response to their inquiries by emailing FuturePlus.

Further technology news is available on the FuturePlus news site.

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