Introducing CR100/CR100M Document Readers from 3M

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Introducing CR100/CR100M Document Readers from 3M

Introducing CR100/CR100M Document Readers from 3M

ST. PAUL, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--3M Security Systems introduces 3M™ CR100/CR100M Document Readers, offering remarkable efficiency in a compact size. These document readers give users the ability to read MRZ data from passports, IDs and other Machine Readable Travel Documents, as well as three-track magnetic cards. The readers enable fast, accurate data capture for airlines, airports and others in the transportation industry.

“The reader’s fast speed and small footprint are outstanding”

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nev., is an early adopter of the CR100M document reader. McCarran, a common-use airport facility, will equip check-in desks at its new Terminal 3, scheduled to open in June, with the readers, providing airline employees with an efficient tool to capture traveler data. With passenger volumes topping 41 million people in 2011, efficiency is a key priority for McCarran.

“The reader’s fast speed and small footprint are outstanding,” said Samuel Ingalls, Assistant Director of Aviation, Information Systems at McCarran. “With limited space at each workstation, it was important for us to have readers that were small in size. Additionally, high-speed data capture is an absolute necessity. The CR100M document reader meets both these needs.”

The efficient design of the readers allows them to be easily adapted to many workstation set-ups. The readers can be mounted to a computer monitor, keyboard, or even on a PDA or other mobile device. Both the CR100 and CR100M models offer OCR reading capabilities, letting users read all passports, ID cards and visas that comply with ICAO Document 9303, as well as other types of documents with ICAO style codelines. The CR100M also has MSR reading capabilities, which allow it to read documents such as frequent traveler cards, U.S. driver’s licenses, credit cards, and loyalty cards.

As stand-alone devices, the readers offer flexibility in their use and are also more cost-effective than some alternative technologies. Integrated keyboards, for example, bundle technologies together and are therefore more costly to purchase and service. They also offer users less flexibility in how they can be positioned at the workstation. Additionally, the simple hand-swipe operation of the CR100/CR100M document readers means that minimal user training is required.

In addition to their suitability for the transportation industry, the CR100/CR100M document readers can also be used for applications in which document scanning and fast data capture are vital, including banking, border management, hospitality, law enforcement and retail. With ease-of-use, a small footprint, and quick data capture, the CR100/CR100M document readers offer efficiency and flexibility for today’s fast-paced document reading needs.

For more information about 3M Security Systems, visit www.3M.com/SecuritySystems.

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3M Security Systems Division is a trusted partner and industry leader in delivering end-to-end, innovative security solutions to businesses and governments worldwide—helping to ensure the security of people, documents and goods. With an unmatched mix of leading technologies in biometrics and credentialing as well as expert systems integration and support, 3M helps solve an array of security challenges, including brand protection, product security, efficient passenger check-in, secure ID and passport document issuance, and hardware and software system solutions for border management. 3M Security Systems technologies are used in over 100 countries around the world.

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