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# 22 avril 2007 00:53
Hi wink I'm back for a longer time than before ! grin

I'm glad to see your new section, it's cool and i think it open your website to more people of the world (english spoken people above all...), but it's also a good thing for people -like me- who want to train their english and to know "how" to speak english in aeronautics...

As you maybe gueesed, i'm looking for an aeronautic training (in english) - as an aircraft maintenance engineer or a pilot. I made some research and found the training service of Air New Zealand company (aircraft maintenance engineering). I'd like to know what do you think about it. Is New Zealand aircraft industry more -or a bit more- advanced than other english country? And even if it's not very advanced, do you think the train is interesting?
And what about Canada? The ENA (even if it's not french at all...)

As a pilot, i'd like to train in a "pilot training school", I mean, not a school such the ENAC or else... Have you ever heard about interesting english school for becoming a pilot?

Well, I hope that some of you could help me to find an interesting way for my future studies.

I hope you're section "AeroWeb in english" will succeed and have a lot of topics !! smile wink

Good Luck ! (ou plutôt bonne mrd)

C.U !

Qui ne tente rien n'a rien
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