FlightView Launches Version 2.0 of Android Travel App

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BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Android users looking for a simple way to manage trips and track flights are in luck; the most reliable travel app on the Android market is now more powerful and easier-to-use than ever before.

“The new features in FlightView 2.0 are in direct response to customer feedback and make the app even smarter, more intuitive and visually appealing.”

FlightView, the leader in day-of-travel information, today announced the release of FlightView 2.0 for Android – a more robust, efficient and customer-centric version of its industry-leading travel app. Along with the ability to accurately and instantly track flights, manage trips and plan for delays, FlightView 2.0 comes loaded with several customer-requested enhancements, making it easier for users to:

  • Get up-to-the-minute flight info, without draining Android batteries. FlightView’s new notification system pushes timely, relevant updates out to the Android user – eliminating the need for the app to constantly poll the FlightView server.
  • Find their plane on the Flight Tracker map. Android users can now see where their aircraft is located in the air and on the ground for an extended period of time – including before takeoff and after landing.
  • Search and save flights 180 days in advance of departure. Travelers and those picking them up can now search and save flights the day they book – even if it’s six months ahead of the planned trip.

“Our customers are always looking for ways to simplify their travel experiences and have never been shy about suggesting how we can help them reach that goal,” said Mike Benjamin, CEO of FlightView. “The new features in FlightView 2.0 are in direct response to customer feedback and make the app even smarter, more intuitive and visually appealing.”

In addition to the plane’s altitude and speed, FlightView 2.0 also shows the kind of aircraft being used for each flight, enabling passengers to get a sense of their plane’s size and layout. The latest upgrades also make it easier on individuals picking passengers up from the airport. If they don’t know the appropriate airport or airline codes, FlightView’s lookup pages will serve up names, codes and cities for the most common airports and airlines.

Available in Free, .99 cent and Elite versions, FlightView’s Android app, which was developed in conjunction with 3Beam Technologies, has already been downloaded by more than 450,000 users. Its Elite version is the most powerful app of the group, offering users flight tracking and trip planning with flight boards, weather forecasts and airport driving directions.

Backed by 30 years of flight tracking experience, FlightView also offers apps for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Palm. For more information on FlightView mobile apps, visit FlightView.com.

About FlightView

FlightView is the recognized provider of the most accurate, real-time flight information solutions for the aviation and travel industries. FlightView’s mobile, Dispatch and FVXML products help aviation and travel professionals achieve superior customer service with actionable real-time information. FlightView’s information displays can be seen at airport terminals and on the Web sites of the largest major airports, airline and travel companies. FlightView’s software services and solutions are relied upon by the US government, the world’s largest airlines, airports, aviation and travel professionals, ground transportation companies and news outlets. FlightView’s mobile applications help consumers control travel plans. Founded in 1981, and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, FlightView has nearly 30 years of experience in building and supporting mission-critical systems for the FAA and the Volpe Center. To access real-time flight information online, visit FlightView Flight Tracker or FlightView Mobile Flight Tracker.

About 3Beam Technologies

3Beam Technologies is a boutique software company that offers customers a number of different solutions from software development to product design and implementation. 3Beam Technologies’ dedicated team enjoys creating innovative application for Android mobile devices. For more information visit http://www.3beamtech.com.

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