ImageWare Systems and GCR Team to Provide Biometric Identity Systems to U.S. Airports

Dépèche transmise le 7 novembre 2011 par Business Wire

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ImageWare® Systems, Inc. (OTCPK: IWSY), a leading developer of identity management solutions providing biometric, secure credential and law enforcement technologies, has teamed with GCR & Associates, Inc. to provide secure biometric identity solutions to the U.S. Transportation Industry.

“We have selected ImageWare for this most strategic venture because of its extensive history and capability in developing and implementing biometric identity management products and technologies”

Many airports are contemplating major technological upgrades to the security and credentialing capabilities of their facilities and the GCR/ImageWare team has been created specifically to address this requirement. The companies are currently collaborating on several identified aviation projects.

“We have selected ImageWare for this most strategic venture because of its extensive history and capability in developing and implementing biometric identity management products and technologies,” says Phillip Brodt, Vice President of GCR. “The combination of the unique and specialized core patented technologies provided by IWS when coupled with GCR’s total system development capabilities make our team the leader in this market segment.”

"ImageWare is delighted to be working with GCR, a company with a high level of expertise and experience within the aviation sector,” says Chuck AuBuchon, Vice President of Business Development for ImageWare. “GCR has been developing and integrating solutions for its airport clients for several decades. We are presently finalizing the contract for our first joint project and look forward to announcing the details as soon as they are completed.”

About GCR & Associates, Inc.

GCR & Associates, Inc. (www.gcrconsulting.com) an international professional services firm, partners with government and commercial clients to deliver consulting services and technology solutions in aviation, elections, urban planning, right-of-way, energy, public safety and disaster recovery.

About ImageWare Systems, Inc.

ImageWare Systems, Inc. is a leading developer of identity management solutions, providing biometric, secure credential and law enforcement technologies. Scalable for worldwide deployment, the Company's biometric product line includes a multi-biometric engine that is hardware and algorithm independent, enabling the enrollment and management of unlimited population sizes. ImageWare's identification products are used to manage and issue secure credentials including national IDs, passports, driver licenses, smart cards and access control credentials. ImageWare's digital booking products provide law enforcement with integrated mug shot, fingerprint livescan and investigative capabilities. ImageWare is headquartered in San Diego, with offices in Portland, OR, Washington DC and Canada. For more information visit www.iwsinc.com.

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