PAY.ON Provides Easy Access to Airline Market for Their Payment Service Providers

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MUNICH, April 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

+ PAY.ON has integrated processing of passenger flight data into the paymentoutsourcing platform 'PaySourcing'

PAY.ON, the world's leading provider of payment infrastructure services, adds the processing of passenger flight data (airline addendum data) to its web-based payment outsourcing platform 'PaySourcing'. 'PaySourcing' enables all eMarket companies to become a full-fledged payment service provider without any set-up expenses or follow-up investments - including a direct access to the global payment network. This integration of the airline addendum data process opens clients a direct gate to the entire airline industry in an exemplary and resource-saving way. All information about 'PaySourcing' is directly available under http://www.paysourcing.com.

The white-labeled outsourcing platform 'PaySourcing' is now capable to address all requirements of processing airline eCommerce data worldwide. Due to the airline addendum data integration, PAY.ON clients are now in a position to enter the entire airline sector with around 900 airlines and an industry turnover of around 600 billion dollars. This way, technical market entry barriers are reduced to the minimum. The cloud-based solution does not require the usual infrastructure investments. And clients generate a significant time-to-market advantage, because the API connection which links the clients to the global payment network partners is available after an average of only 48 hours.

The functionality of the integrated airline addendum data process includes, among other functions, the consideration of merchant classification codes for a comprehensive, industry-standard analysis of all transactions. Thus for 'PaySourcing' clients, all payment preconditions have been met for a direct market start. Additionally, ad hoc and according to their needs, 'PaySourcing' clients can set up - and any time enhance and customise - their payment partner network. For this, a large variety of acquirers in all core markets, various risk management providers and more than 100 international payment methods are available via one single API.

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About PaySourcing:

'PaySourcing' is a cloud-based payment processing platform (white-label payment gateway) that allows clients to outsource and build up the entire financial supply chain - including a direct connection to all payment methods and systems worldwide. Typical 'PaySourcing' clients are PSPs as well as fulfillment providers, wallets and acquirers which want to expand their core business by providing a payment service. As a white-label 'PaySourcing' adapts the clients corporate design and will so appear as that client's own payment service. An easy integration into most ERP systems is guaranteed as well as the comprehensive management and analysis of all payments. 'PaySourcing' is PCI-DSS certified and operates on a high available infrastructure. By that the safe and reliable handling of all payment processes are guaranteed consistent.

About PAY.ON:

PAY.ON AG is the world's leading provider for web-based payment infrastructure services and provider of the payment processing platform 'PaySourcing' as well as of the routing gateway 'PayPipe'. 'PaySourcing' allows clients to outsource all relevant eCommerce-typical payment and risk management processes into the cloud or to become a payment service provider in a cost-, time- and resource-saving way. 'PayPipe' is a high-performance routing gateway, which connects payment market participants worldwide by using only one API. 'PayPipe' accelerates the global availability for all market participants like no other network. Accordingly, transactions are processed in all payment methods in any currency across all systems. Every PAY.ON system is PCI-DSS certified and therefore compliant with the international payment standards and requirements. For more information, visit: http://www.payon.com

PAY.ON AG - press contact: Wilhelm Fuchs Manager Press & Public Relations Tel: +49(89)45-230-552 E-Mail: press@payon.com URL: http://www.payon.com


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