Dreamliner's Promise of Greener Flights Woos Travellers Reveals Skyscanner

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SINGAPORE, February 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

With the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner wowing the crowds this week at the 2012 Singapore Airshow, Asia's largest aerospace event, Skyscanner [http://www.skyscanner.net ] reveals what travellers are most looking forward to from the new 'super plane'.

The flight comparison site polled travellers about the new features of the Dreamliner plane which could significantly improve the flying experience.

The aspect that topped the vote was the promise of 'greener flights'. Boeing have said that the futuristic aircraft will be one of the least polluting aircraft ever, using 20 per cent less fuel thanks to great engine efficiency, and improved aerodynamics.

In second place was the greater comfort that the Dreamliner should offer its passengers. 25% of the respondents said the greater legroom 20% will welcome the fact that long haul routes using the Dreamliner should become more affordable due to the reduction in fuel costs.

A remaining 12% said that it was the LED mood lighting which reduces Jetlag, bigger windows with better views, and reduced air sickness due to anti-turbulence technology, that appeal most to them about the new planes.

Ewan Gray, Director of Skyscanner Asia Pacific, who is based in Singapore commented:

"The Singapore 2012 Airshow is a great opportunity for the aviation industry to show off the latest and greatest innovations, and we're very excited about the new Dreamliner which should make flying a cheaper, greener and more comfortable experience."

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