Engine Overheat - PilotsEYE.tv Flies SWISS to Shanghai

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MUNICH, February 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

- PilotsEYE.tv pays a visit to SWISS and shows - next to a fascinating flight to the Chinese metropolis - a genuine emergency.

(original audio track with subtitles in English and French)

-The special feature:

Just a few minutes after take-off the oil temperature of Engine No. 3 is suddenly twice as high as it should be. Immediately the crew of the Airbus A340 turns its full attention to the procedures they have practiced so often in the simulator.

This unique glimpse of an "abnormal procedure" is included in the main film. The Bonus features the whole procedure.

-The flight route

Due to ongoing treaty negotiations the alternative route is - south of Russian airspace - over Romania, Georgia and Kazakhstan to China.

-The cockpit egg timer

Flight Captain and Fleet Manager Thomas Frick tells the unique story of the eggtimer, built into every SWISS Cockpit.

Anyone wanting explanations first hand can "tune into" the comments-track by the captain.

-In a ski-lift over the roofs of Shanghai

You only see something like this once in a lifetime - at EXPO 2011. Next they visit the highest visitor platform in the world (474m, 1555ft) at the "World Financial Center". And end the day by dining in one of the best restaurants in the city - run by a Swiss manager - T8.

-Holding pattern at 800km/h

In order to keep the correct distance to other planes, an rare "orbit" (a complete circle) has to be flown.

-All documentation for following the flight

For the first time, the complete (hand)written documentation is downloadable.

-PilotsEYE on free TV

The first transmission on the German TV channel kabeleins achieved a market share of 9.1% (3% above average).

Price DVD/Blu-ray: "Shanghai, Engine-Overheat" GB23.90



PressContact: AignerMedia press@pilotseye.tv Kathrin Nimpsch Tel: +4989427050


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