Research and Markets: Global Security Risks and West Africa: Development Challenges

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Research and Markets: Global Security Risks and West Africa: Development Challenges

Research and Markets: Global Security Risks and West Africa: Development Challenges

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/d5j2dl/global_security_ri) has announced the addition of OECD Publishing's new report "Global Security Risks and West Africa: Development Challenges" to their offering.

“Global Security Risks and West Africa: Development Challenges”

The beginning of the 21st century marks a turning point in West Africa's history, moving from an era where conflicts and sources of instability were primarily endogenous to the emergence of exogenous global threats such as terrorism and large-scale drug trafficking.

These new threats are added to the local causes of endogenous conflicts (competition for resources, irredentist claims, circulation of weapons, border issues, instability of fragile states and weak democracy). However, exogenous threats are not triggered or caused by local causes. It is important to understand how internal and external threats coexist and hybridize. Although currently crystallised in the Sahel, the extent of these dynamics encompasses all of West and North Africa.

This publication explores current global security issues, their development in West Africa and their potential impact on regional stability. It takes a close look at issues such as terrorism and trafficking, climate change, and the links between security and development. Some of these issues are still the object of heated debate. This book draws attention to the risk of oversimplified analyses and biased perceptions of security risks. It also highlights the need for coordinated policies and dialogue between West Africa, North Africa and OECD countries.

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter 1. Reversal of fortune: AQIM's stalemate in Algeria and its new front in the Sahel by Henry Wilkinson


-Recognising a changing threat, from Algeria to the Sahel

-Becoming Al-Qaeda

-Renaissance and disunity

-The failure of AQIM's international and Maghreb project

-Rise in the Sahel

-AQIM after the Arab Spring


Chapter 2. The security challenges of West Africa by Eric Denécé and Alain Rodier


-Persistent internal conflicts

-Jihadist terrorism

-The spread of criminal activity

Chapter 3. The climate of the Sahel by Carlo Buontempo, Ben Booth and Wilfran Moufouma-Okia

-Sahel definition, location and peculiarities

-Climatic overview

-Historical prospective

-Hotspot analysis

-Climate change prospective

Conclusions and recommendations

Chapter 4. The Sahel and the climate security debate by Tor A. Benjaminsen


-The climate security debate: theories, politics and missing evidence

-Does climate change lead to desertification?

-Do Sahelian droughts lead to more conflicts?

Chapter 5. Climate change in the Sahel: A human security perspective by Philipp Heinrigs and Trémolières



-Links between climate change and security from a theoretical perspective

-Climatic elements and security events: lessons learned from an empirical and retrospective study

-Expanding the scope to human security

-Focus on the impact of climate on food security

-A coordinated approach to the climate's impacts on human security and especially food security

Chapter 6. The securitisation of climate change in the European Union by Rafaela Rodrigues de Brito


-The environment-security nexus

-Climate as a security issue in the European Union

-Africa and the Sahel


For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/d5j2dl/global_security_ri

Source: OECD Publishing

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