Jet Booking Direct Warns that Cutting Costs & Cutting Corners May Risk Lives!

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Jet Booking Direct Warns that Cutting Costs & Cutting Corners May Risk Lives!

Jet Booking Direct Warns that Cutting Costs & Cutting Corners May Risk Lives!

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In the middle of a worldwide recession, it's a fact that businesses need to cut back and cut costs but at what price?

Aviation holds the record for safety and remains the safest way to travel. This elite status is achieved due to the rigorous safety standards and maintenance schedules. However, suggestions are that in this time of recession and extreme competition, corners are being cut.

Jet Booking Direct are a supplier of global private jet charter services and are speaking out about business practice within the private aviation sector. They work with preferred partner operators and have introduced their own audit process. Their top priority is a “Safety First” approach and always work to what they call “The Three S's” - Safety, Service & Satisfaction. Choosing operators in strategic locations who work to exceed aviation authority guidelines in countries where safety standards are at their highest. Their audit process looks at where the aircraft is registered and maintained and verifies that stringent maintenance schedules and standards are adhered to.

Andy Hudson - CEO EMEA said “Safety is never compromised by us or our preferred operators. However, we have seen the global downturn first hand and we know that there is increasing pressure to keep costs low. Over the last six months the average price of a private jet charter has reduced. For many operators and brokers this is having a massive impact on their own survival and we believe some are choosing cheaper operators and service companies in countries where standards are not as high. Quite simply, this practice puts lives at risk.”

Private aviation clients in the UK and western Europe are faced with some of the highest prices in the World. Much of the cost is due to the high standards expected by the aviation authorities and reputable companies like Jet Booking Direct. Quality does not come cheap.

“We consider ourselves to be very competitive in our market. We manage our overheads and buy thousands of hours with only the best operators to give our clients the best jets at the best prices without compromise to what is fundamentally essential - Safety, Service & Satisfaction. We are aware that operators are moving jets onto foreign charter certificates and opening price wars for aircraft maintenance.” said Steve Blight - CEO USA & Caribbean, “We don't condone it and won't compete with operators or brokers that do. We offer pricing based on the type and standard of aircraft, and on the business practices of the operators that we choose to work with.” he continued.

When you're making a decision about your next flight check to make sure that you know who you're flying with and that the jet you're flying on meets the required standards. By all means haggle but don't gamble.

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