Trace Laboratories Adds Rapid Decompression Capability

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Trace Laboratories Adds Rapid Decompression Capability

Trace Laboratories Adds Rapid Decompression Capability

PALATINE, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With the addition of Rapid Decompression (Change of Altitude) to its line-up of test capabilities, Trace Laboratories, Inc. can now satisfy this test requirement for RTCA DO-160 and MIL-STD-810 specifications. A long-standing test for aircraft equipment, Rapid Decompression is especially important to "Safety of Flight" certification for both civilian and military aircraft. This test assures that a device will continue to operate during and after a sudden loss of aircraft cabin pressure, commonly simulated as an altitude change from 8,000 ft. to 55,000 ft. This test is now added to our existing Altitude, Temperature, Vibration, Shock and other environmental simulation capabilities.

      For more information on this testing or our broad range of capabilities, please contact: Trace Laboratories, Inc., 1150 W. Euclid Avenue, Palatine, IL, 60067.

Phone: 847-934-5300, Fax: 847-934-4600, Web: www.tracelabs.com, Email: [email protected]

About Trace Laboratories, Inc.:

Established over 30 years ago, Trace offers state-of-the-art testing, qualification, analysis, automation, and training in the areas of compliance, life cycle testing, printed circuit board design and best practices. Trace Laboratories has the ability to design and fabricate automation equipment for long-term reliability testing. Trace Laboratories, Inc. has facilities in Hunt Valley, MD, Palatine, IL, Carthage, IL, and Shanghai, China.

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