Research and Markets: 2010 U.S. Airport Travel Experience: Evaluating the Top-fifty U.S. Airports

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Research and Markets: 2010 U.S. Airport Travel Experience: Evaluating the Top-fifty U.S. Airports

Research and Markets: 2010 U.S. Airport Travel Experience: Evaluating the Top-fifty U.S. Airports

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/45e8c7/2010_u_s_airport) has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report "2010 U.S. Airport Travel Experience: Evaluating the Top-fifty U.S. Airports" to their offering.

“2010 U.S. Airport Travel Experience: Evaluating the Top-fifty U.S. Airports”

In October-November 2010, Frost & Sullivan surveyed 2,003 travelers who had flown from one U.S. top-50 airport to another U.S. top-50 airport. Points covered in the following presentation include: - Booking of the trip - Transportation to the departure airport - Checking in at the departure airport - Airport amenities utilized - Getting to the departure gate - On-time departure - The flight experience - Changing flights (if applicable) - On-time arrival at the final destination airport - The baggage claim experience - Transportation from the destination airport Results are presented by-airport and by-airline as appropriate Research Overview In October-November 2010, Frost & Sullivan conducted a survey of 2,003 travelers who had recently flown from one of the top-fifty U.S. airports to another. The survey asked travelers to detail their experience at their departure and destination airports and at intermediate airports, if applicable. The study provides for evaluation of online booking sites, airports, and airlines on a range of points, such as Best Online Booking Experience, Easiest Airport to Move through, and Best Flight Experience. The survey covers points such as means of transportation to the departure airport and from the destination airport, and getting to the departure gate. The flight experience, on-time arrival at the final destination airport, and the baggage claim experience also are discussed.

This research service, titled 2010 U.S. Airport Travel Experience: Evaluating the Top-fifty U.S. Airports, analyzes a typical traveler's airport experience and the manner in which travelers utilize airports. The study compares various airports from a traveler's perspective. Additionally, airlines and travel Web sites are evaluated on several points.

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Market Overview

Utilization of Travel Websites Poised for Growth as User Base of Younger Travelers Expands

Seventy-seven percent of airline travel is now booked online, notes the analyst of this research service. This holds across age groups; however, younger travelers are more inclined to use travel websites to book their trips, while older travelers are more inclined to use airline websites. Around 40 percent of travelers aged from 18 to 35 use online travel sites, while only 24 percent of travelers aged over 55 do so. Conversely, 53 percent of travelers in the over-55 age group use airline Web sites, but only 37 percent of travelers aged from 18 to 35 do so. This suggests that utilization of travel websites will increase as the cohort of younger travelers grows.

Las Vegas is identified as the most popular destination for U.S. air travelers. Survey participants were asked from which airport they flew on the outbound part of their most recent trip, and to which airport they flew. The ratio of the two numbers for each airport underlies the Popularity Index for that airport's city. Among the top fifty U.S. airports, Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport has the highest ratio of incoming travelers relative to departing travelers. One hundred seventy travelers reported flying to Las Vegas, but only 32 reported flying from Las Vegas, says the analyst. This gives Las Vegas a Popularity Index of 431 percent the highest value for any of the airports covered.

Some other noteworthy finding are:

  • About 60 percent of survey participants traveled primarily for personal rather than business reasons.
  • About 80 percent of travelers get to their departure airports by car, and about 67 percent leave their destination airports by car. Construction is a commonly encountered problem when getting to departure airports.
  • Restrooms, food service, and stores are the most-used airport amenities.
  • Almost three-quarters of respondents had direct flights to their destination airports.
  • Two-thirds of respondents rated their flight experience as excellent or nearly so.
  • Around 4 percent of travelers report arriving more than one hour late, but 18 percent reported arriving more than 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled time.
  • Half of respondents reported little or no wait when reclaiming checked luggage.
  • Southwest Airlines provides the best check-in and flight experience.

The study also reveals that Memphis International Airport is rated the easiest airport to move through among the top-fifty U.S. airports; Fort Myers Southwest Florida International Airport is the most problem-free airport for arrival by surface transportation; and Tampa International Airport is the best airport for ease of getting to the departure gate.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Research Background and Objectives

  • 1.1 Method Details

2. Executive Summary

  • 2.1 Trip Overview

3. The Booking Experience

  • 3.1 Departure Airport

4. Departure and Intermediate Airport(s)

5. Destination Airport

6. Appendices

  • 6.1 Top Fifty U.S. Airports
  • 6.2 Tabulations by Number of Trips in Past Six Months
  • 6.3 Tabulations by Primary Purpose of Trip
  • 6.4 Tabulations by Age of Respondent
  • 6.5 Tabulations by Gender of Respondent
  • 6.6 Respondent Demographics

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/45e8c7/2010_u_s_airport

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