Adacel Awarded European ATC Simulation Contracts Valued at More Than C$12.5M

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Adacel Awarded European ATC Simulation Contracts Valued at More Than C$12.5M

Adacel Awarded European ATC Simulation Contracts Valued at More Than C$12.5M

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Adacel (ASX:ADA) today announced that the company has been awarded a series of European contracts for Air Traffic Control (ATC) simulation training systems and support valued at more than C$12.5 million.

“We consider Europe to be a key area in our global strategy,” said Adacel’s CEO Fred Sheldon. “In light of SESAR initiatives and potential changes to future ATM equipment and ATC practices, we have set a priority to work with our European customers to provide them the tools to train not only their next generation of operational controllers, but future generations as well.”


HungaroControl has contracted Adacel to provide a 3D ATC tower simulator in a two phase delivery. In the initial phase Adacel will install a five-channel front projection 180º tower simulation system accommodating three tower, one supervisor and six pseudo-pilot positions. This phase also includes a scenario preparation station, modeling station, a number of ICAO site-specific visual databases and other supporting components. Phase two of the delivery will expand the visual system to a 10-channel, 360º continuous field-of-view and increase the number of trainee positions. The contract also makes considerations for future enhancements and annual provisions for hardware, software and voice support services. The new tower simulator will complement the Adacel radar simulation systems already in use by HungaroControl in their training programs.

Czech Republic

Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic has contracted Adacel to deliver a 360º rear-projection, 14-channel ATC tower simulator. The system will accommodate six student controller positions, nine pseudo-pilots, a modeling station and site specific features. Also included is a second part task tower simulator to support lead-in training. The initial delivery is scheduled for June, 2009. A follow-on delivery of additional visual databases and 3D models will occur later in the year. The contract also makes provisions for future enhancements and annual support.


AustroControl Group initiated two contracts with Adacel. The first contract was for an additional 270º ATC tower simulator with a 10-channel, LCD visual display. The integrated tower/radar system accommodates two tower controllers, one TAS controller, one tower supervisor, two radar controllers, two radar planners, two radar supervisors and seven pseudo-pilots. The contract also covers enhancements to AustroControl’s visual databases supplied by Adacel under previous contracts to upgrade them to Adacel’s next-gen visual standard for use on the new system. The second contract calls for the upgrade of a 360º ATC tower simulator supplied by Adacel in 2002 to a new 16-channel, front-projection visual system.


Ente Nazionale di Assistenza al Volo (ENAV) has awarded Adacel a contract to supply an additional 360º ATC tower simulator with supporting systems to be installed at an airport in Italy to facilitate ATC training. The contract also contains an option for a second system to be delivered to another key Italian airport. Both systems would be configured with a 16-channel visual display system and would include 4 controller training positions, 10 pseudo-pilot stations, a voice communications system and a 240º scenario preview station. Other options under the contract provide for Adacel’s world leading speech recognition system to be added to the simulators at a future date as well as support provisions. If the option on the second system is exercised, it would increase the number of tower and part task tower simulation systems in use by ENAV to 38, making them Adacel’s largest European customer.

Adacel’s ATC simulation systems permit the development of higher proficiency levels at an earlier stage in controller training. They reduce considerably the work involved in the preparation and conduct of training and can significantly decrease the qualification period for new controllers and the associated costs. Adacel will be demonstrating their ATC simulation systems at the upcoming ATC Global tradeshow to be held March 17-19, 2009 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

About Adacel

Adacel is a global software technology and systems integration leader. The Company is a leading developer of interactive speech recognition technology, voice activated control systems, operational Air Traffic Management software and simulation systems for aircrew, air traffic control, airport vehicle operators and security training. Adacel has been selected as a “Top Training & Simulation Company” by Military Training Technology magazine and has been named as the “Best Simulator Provider” by Air Traffic Management magazine international poll.

Adacel’s voice control technology will be implemented in the F-35 Lightning II aircraft program. The Company’s Aurora ATM system includes capabilities that are envisaged as part of the FAA NextGen and EuroControl SESAR programs aimed at improving airspace efficiency and curbing aviation greenhouse gas emissions.

Adacel (ASX: ADA) was established in 1987. The company’s products can be found in many of the world’s leading aviation entities, both civilian and military. Adacel’s North American operations are headquartered in Orlando, Florida and the Company has offices in Montreal, Canada, and Melbourne, Australia.

For more information about Adacel please visit www.Adacel.com.

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