eglue Helps Mexicana Airlines Improve Customer Experience and Generate Additional Revenue

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eglue Helps Mexicana Airlines Improve Customer Experience and Generate Additional Revenue

eglue Helps Mexicana Airlines Improve Customer Experience and Generate Additional Revenue

HOBOKEN, N.J. & MEXICO CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--eglue, a global software provider that maximizes the return on every customer interaction, and Mexicana Airlines, Mexico’s primary international air carrier that transported over 11.7 million customers in 2008, today announced the successful deployment of a solution based on the eglue InterAct Suite that helps the airline generate additional revenue during customer interactions at airport check-in, while making the overall customer experience more efficient and positive. The solution is now installed at eight airports in Mexico and Guatemala, with plans to implement it at 1,100 Mexicana check-in positions in more than 25 airports in Mexico and other countries.

eglue InterAct is at the heart of Mexicana’s new Baggage Manager solution, which calculates excess baggage fees in real time and automates the billing and collection process at airport check-in with a ‘one-stop shop’ approach. The Baggage Manager has helped reduce check-in time from 15 minutes in some cases to two minutes for customers who have excess baggage, significantly improving the customer experience. The airline has also seen a 10-15 percent increase in its excess baggage fees collection.

“These are difficult times for the airline industry, and it was important for us to find a way to increase ancillary income and improve the overall airport check-in experience for our passengers,” said Manuel Borja Chico, Mexicana Airlines CEO. “The eglue solution has allowed us to meet those goals, and introduce a process for excess baggage fees collection that is quick, simple, standardized and transparent to our customers. In addition, the Baggage Manager gives us the flexibility to modify policy based on market conditions, and enables us to collect fees in previously unfeasible situations, such as late check-in.”

Calculating excess baggage fees is a complicated process. The Baggage Manager solution based on eglue InterAct accommodates hundreds of business rules that take into account factors such as the destination, ticket class, size of the travelling party and the actual baggage weight. The solution has replaced complex, error-prone manual data entry and fee computation processes that required passengers to stand in as many as three different lines, with an automated, real-time calculation. As a result, agents are freed to focus on customers, while customers enjoy a more efficient transaction and a more positive overall experience.

The eglue solution was implemented by IZO System Mexico, a fully-owned subsidiary of IZO System, a leader in Customer Experience Management consultancy and systems integration for the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets. IZO is focused on helping large companies design the right strategy to address real-time customer interactions and long term relationships with their customers.

“We have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with eglue and have completed a number of successful projects,” said Juan Carlos Fouz, CEO of IZO System. “Once again eglue has proven that its technology has the agility to connect to and interact with any existing system or application. As a result, we were able to design a complete, “A to Z” solution for Mexicana and deploy it quickly and easily.”

“We are proud to have delivered great results for Mexicana, showing a meaningful return on investment – or ROI – in a short period of time,” said Dror Pockard, CEO of eglue. “It’s very important for airlines to maximize revenue from excess baggage in a way that helps to retain customers and improve their overall experience, and eglue addresses that issue very successfully. We look forward to expanding the eglue solution to other airports and other areas in Mexicana.”

About eglue

eglue is a global provider of unique solutions that maximize the return on every customer interaction. The eglue solution impacts the bottom and top lines in the contact center by reducing operational expenses, generating new revenue and retaining customers, all in real time. eglue increases business and IT agility, and ensures a quick ROI.

Founded in 2001, eglue is headquartered in Hoboken, NJ, with offices in the UK and Israel. eglue is a privately-held company, catering to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. eglue is backed by leading international VCs and private investors such as Giza, Cedar, Evergreen and Plenus Venture Lending. More information on eglue can be found at www.eglue.com.

About Mexicana

Innovation is synonymous with evolution, as Mexicana has demonstrated in its response to changing market and industry conditions. The airline’s new image and corporate culture are geared toward more efficient, accessible and flexible services, while preserving its essence and time-honored tradition. The result is a unique travel experience that differentiates the carrier from its competitors. Currently deemed the number one brand in its category, Mexicana has almost 90 years’ experience on the aviation market, during which time it has built a solid reputation, and earned the trust and loyalty of its passengers. Mexicana is Mexico’s number one airline and a leader on the Mexico-US market in terms of passenger volumes. In 2008, the carrier transported over 11.7 million passengers, flying to some 50 destinations in Mexico, Central, South and North America, and, more recently, Europe. Its fleet is comprised of 63 aircraft —26 Airbus A320s, 21 A319s, ten A318s, two A330, two Boeing 767-200s and two 767-300s— which make some 300 take-offs and landings every day. In addition to boasting the best maintenance base in Latin America, Mexicana has won several major industry awards and certifications, including World Travel Awards in more than one category and certification as a Socially Responsible Company. Its subsidiary, MexicanaClick, serves 31 destinations and has a fleet equipped with state-of-the-art technology. www.mexicana.com

About IZO System

IZO System is a global customer experience consultancy firm that helps organizations to build strong and lasting relationships with their customers and employees by creating differentiated experience and transforming organizational processes. With 10 years of experience in the Spanish speaking markets, IZO is the leader and pioneer in professional services and technologies to improve the customer experience in any touch point. IZO System works with 12 companies of the Spanish Index (IBEX35) as well as top companies in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. More information on IZO can be found at www.izo.es

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