20 African Airport Authorities Present Project Updates

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DUBAI, UAE, September 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- IQPC's Airport Expansion & Development Africa (29 November to 2 December 2010, Hilton Nairobi, Kenya) brings together senior government officials as well as CEO's and they decision-makers from airport authorities and operators, civil aviation authorities and airlines across Africa to discuss the opportunities and strategies for building world-class airports.


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37 international and regional experts from the entire value chain are confirmed to share their best practices for airport development, expansion and refurbishment and will also present the latest project updates and pipeline initiatives. Other issues to be discussed include the strategies and tools to achieve safety, security and improved profit margins.

Industry Leaders such as:

Eng. Stephen Mwangi Gichuki, Managing Director, Kenya Airports Authority will be joined by Richard Aisuebeogun, Managing Director, Federal Airports Authorities of Nigeria, Curtis grad, Chief Executive Officer, Airport International Group, Jordan; Geoffrey P. Moshabesha, Regional Director, ICAO ESAF Regional Office; Dr. W. Rama Makuza, Managing Director, Civil Aviation Authority Uganda; Raphael Kuuchi, Commercial director, African Airline Association (AFRAA); Hugh Fraser, CEO, Air Uganda.

A closed-door affair, the summit is personnel reserved only for key who are responsible for development of the African airport industry and event sponsors. An industry-led solution showcase running parallel will feature suppliers and service providers playing key roles in Africa's airport development plans.

"With such strong representation by Africa's airport authorities and aviation committee, and the presence of leading international experts, we are confident that this summit will provide the timely platform for the region to progress towards building world-class airports and becoming a leading aviation hub," says Grace Chng, Director of Airport Expansion & Development Africa.

Airport expansion and development Africa is sponsored by Rodhe and Schwarz, G4S, Waterblasting Technologies, Schmid, Era Beyond Radar and Honeywell

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