Adacel Awarded Contract to Supply New ATM System for Fiji

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Adacel Awarded Contract to Supply New ATM System for Fiji

Adacel Awarded Contract to Supply New ATM System for Fiji

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Adacel (ASX: ADA), an industry leader in air traffic automation, simulation, speech recognition technology and software integration, announced today it has been awarded a contract from Era Systems Corporation to supply its Aurora air traffic management (ATM) system for Fiji.

The contract is part of a nation-wide project awarded to Era by Airports Fiji Limited (AFL) to provide a comprehensive, advanced air traffic management (ATM) system for the Nadi flight information region (FIR). Adacel’s Aurora ATM system will replace the existing ATM systems in the area control center (ACC) and in the control towers at Nadi and Nausori airports. The ATM system will integrate data from Era’s MSSsm ADS-B and multilateration surveillance system.

“We are very pleased to be part of this program with Era,” said Adacel CEO Fred Sheldon. “Our Aurora ATM system software is already being used in adjacent FIR’s by the FAA and Airways New Zealand. With this project, we will provide AFL with equivalent oceanic ATM capabilities as well as en route, approach and tower control in the same system.”

“It is great to have Adacel on the team,” said Russell Hulstrom, Era’s Vice President for ATM Solutions. “The advanced functionality, ease-of-use, and flexibility of the Aurora product is a star component of the overall solution, and the Adacel team have put together a technical design and support program which is ideal for AFL.” The integration of Adacel’s next generation Aurora ATM automation with Era’s surveillance technologies will allow AFL to provide the highest level of customer service throughout its oceanic and domestic airspaces and to transition from procedural to radar-like separation standards within the ADS-B/multilateration surveillance area without ever acquiring radars.

Aurora’s next generation conflict probe enables user preferred routes, dynamic airborne rerouting and reduced separation to improve airspace efficiency and reduce aviation emissions.

About Adacel

Adacel is a global software technology and systems integration leader. In addition to operational Air Traffic Management software, the company is a leading developer of interactive speech recognition technology, voice activated control systems, and simulation systems for aircrew, air traffic control, airport vehicle operators and security training. Adacel has been selected as a “Top Training & Simulation Company” by Military Training Technology magazine and has been named as the “Best Simulator Provider” by an Air Traffic Management magazine international poll. Adacel’s voice control technology will be implemented in the F-35 Lightning II aircraft program. Adacel’s Aurora system supplies much of the ATM automation technology in use by various service providers in the world’s high traffic oceanic airspace.

Adacel (ASX: ADA) was established in 1987. The company’s products can be found in many of the world’s leading aviation entities, both civilian and military. Adacel’s North American operations are headquartered in Orlando, Florida and the Company has offices in Montreal Canada, and Melbourne, Australia.

For more information about Adacel please visit www.Adacel.com

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