Green Trumps Recession Jitters: Uptime Institute Symposium 2009 Registrations Buck Conference Industry Trends

Dépèche transmise le 18 mars 2009 par Business Wire

SANTA FE, N.M.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IT executives are registering in record numbers for Uptime Institute’s 4th Annual Research Symposium, LEAN, CLEAN & GREEN: The Only Global Conference on No-Compromise Data Center Computing. With the conference just under 30 days away, Symposium 2009 registrations are running 40% above 2008, with over 200 business, industry and government enterprises represented to date.

“I attribute this success to the timeliness and importance of our green data center focus,” says Bruce Taylor, the Symposium’s Producer and Co-Chair. “The Symposium fits the national energy efficiency priorities established by President Obama, by Energy Secretary Chu, and as captured in the economic stimulus package. For most organizations, enterprise IT and data centers are the single largest internal consumers of power and contributors to carbon emissions. Doing something about it is becoming a new business priority.”

Despite budget pressures, green IT and data center engineering corporate participation in Symposium 2009 is up 60 percent, with such brand leaders as IBM, HP, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, APC and many others participating in next month’s event.

“Our customers look to us as an industry leader. The Symposium is a unique forum for sharing experiences on data center energy efficiency and design with other users, policy makers like the EPA, and industry organizations like ASHRAE. The Symposium is the one event that I go to each year, including this year,” says Joe Miller, Manager of Facilities Operations at NetApp.

Tom Delaney, Vice President of Data Center Optimization at JP Morgan Chase, said, “I wouldn’t miss Symposium. We’ve taken advantage of the low-hanging fruit in our data center. We are looking for new recommendations on optimization and other ways to measure, control, and improve energy use and efficiency.”

Nicola Peill, Director of Environmental Sustainability at Akamai Technologies, added, “I used a little creativity to get myself to Symposium. But it’s worth it. Symposium provides a great view into the roadmap for green IT technology and how other companies are addressing this critical issue.”

Symposium 2009 will help attendees:

  • Immediately reduce power bills by 25 percent—and potentially save millions over a three-to-four-year period with ZERO new capital expenditures and quickly recoverable operating spending.
  • Identify and eliminate needless expenses resulting from energy consumption—before investing millions in IT.
  • Responsibly reduce greenhouse gases to meet current (and future) regulations while improving performance.

With delegates from Japan, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Romania, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Iceland, Peru, Brazil, Slovenia, Nigeria and beyond, Symposium 2009 represents a global effort to share strategies that enable the uptime industry to save money, prevent energy shortages, and reduce the global IT carbon footprint.

For more information about the Institute’s 4th Annual Symposium, please visit: http://www.uptimeinstitute.org

About the Uptime Institute:

The Uptime Institute is a leading independent think tank, corporate advisor, knowledge exchange, education and professional-services provider serving the owners and operators of the world’s largest enterprise data centers. Its primary area of expertise is the uptime availability, reliability, and resiliency of enterprise computing within formal critical computing environments—computer rooms, server farms, and data centers.

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