Airline Management "Shoot the Messenger" Policy Threatens Passenger Safety

Dépèche transmise le 23 avril 2009 par PRNewswire

HOOFDDORP, The Netherlands, April 23 /PRNewswire/ -- AEI welcomes the INAC (Portuguese National Aviation Authority) initiatives in dealing with the recent lapses in safety standards at TAP (Portugal's National Airline) and in particular INAC's letter condemning the TAP events that AEI reported. Once again AEI action, in protecting the travelling public by ensuring that safety is upheld, has been proven to be justified.

However AEI are deeply concerned that some managers within TAP still seem unable to accept that the reported safety incidents were brought into the open. For TAP this was an unacceptable method of conveying safety issues. To avoid any potential misunderstandings AEI would therefore just like to remind all those involved of European Regulation 2003/42, particularly article 8, paragraph 4, which states that:

In accordance with the procedures defined in their national laws and practices, Member States shall ensure that employees who report incidents of which they may have knowledge are not subjected to any prejudice by their employer.

AEI had hoped that the matter would be dealt with sensibly, but are unfortunately once again extremely concerned about possible deviations from the law being supported by TAP management. AEI emphasizes that it fully supports European law on this matter and as such will not tolerate persecution in any form against any TAP employee (AEI member or not) who stands firm for safety. Instead of "Shooting the Messenger", TAP management should focus on solving the problems.

AEI would prefer this matter be brought to a swift end and normal relations between management and engineering staff quickly restored by the airline. We believe that it is in TAP's long term interest that management make it clear to all within the company that they fully support EC Regulation 2003/42 encouraging reporting to enhance safety.

Fred Bruggeman AEI Secretary General For further information email [email protected] or go to http://www.airengineers.org

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