HelloFlight.com Announces “Exclusive/First-Time Available to Public” FAA Online Flight Tracking Tools

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HelloFlight.com Announces “Exclusive/First-Time Available to Public” FAA Online Flight Tracking Tools

HelloFlight.com Announces “Exclusive/First-Time Available to Public” FAA Online Flight Tracking Tools

LOUISVILLE, Ky.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Four-month old HelloFlight.com, recently announced new tools that travelers and aviation enthusiasts can use to track the real-time location of all commercial and most private aircrafts on the U.S. air traffic control system. HelloFlight.com accesses live data directly from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and now offers virtual plane spotting data as well as proximity reports, showing the exact intersections of the more than two thousand aircraft that are in the air at almost any given time. These new HyperLocal™ features are in addition to HelloFlight.com’s existing tools which allow travelers awaiting incoming flights to see exactly where an aircraft is located and to show where delays are across the country at all commercial airports.

The user features of HelloFlight.com’s new tools are:

Proximity Report


  • Shows all aircraft that have come within less than one, two or three miles of each other. Most proximities below 5,000 feet are generally safe as they indicate final approaches or take-offs. Users can search for proximity reports by date, lateral and/or vertical separation, aircraft ID numbers or by airport.

Neighborhood Traffic


  • Site users can literally select their neighborhood and view all flights that have flown over their home in the last hour, day or week.
  • Information such as where the flight was coming from, it’s altitude and speed and what type of aircraft can all be accessed.

Plane Spotter Radius Research


  • Drop and drag the virtual plane spotter anywhere on the United States map to see what airplanes have flown within a 100-mile radius.

The new HelloFlight.com features are being offered at no cost.

HelloFlight.com is the newest addition to the HelloMetro.com and HelloLocal.com network of city sites and takes the company’s trademark HyperLocal™ search to the skies. Flight details can be tracked from HelloMetro’s more than 1,500 city search sites in alignment with HelloMetro’s local data. These include:

  • The number of flights over a given neighborhood or zip code and at what altitude the aircraft is flying
  • A history of last 5 flights with "on time", "delayed", or "canceled" status
  • Speed, altitude, heading and flight plan tracking for every plane in the air
  • Terminal Maps for all major airports
  • Flight data, including arrival and departure information sent directly to mobile phone

About HelloMetro

As we have said since 1999, the future of the Internet is “Local.” The HelloMetro global network of city search guides offers users the opportunity to get to know a city through local history, attractions, real estate, jobs, Yellow Pages, White Pages, local resources and other partner sites that provide the most complete and up-to-date information in their particular subject areas. HelloMetro.com uniquely dedicates each city site to the flavor of the individual location. For example: www.HelloAtlanta.com, www.HelloDenver.com, www.HelloSanFrancisco.com, www.HelloBoston.com, www.HelloLouisville.com. More information about HelloMetro can be found at www.HelloMetro.com or by calling (877) 282-2973.

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