Hopscotch Air Launches Exclusive Air Limo Service

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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hopscotch Air, the personal air limo service that offers a safe, affordable and hassle-free private air experience, announces that it has earned FAA approval to begin customer flights. For the first time, everyday travelers can now experience travel freedom and leave behind over-crowded airports and frustrating airline delays, while paying prices often competitive to that of the airlines.

With Hopscotch Air, travelers fly at their convenience and on their schedule.

Hopscotch Air meets customers at any of the New York metropolitan airports on Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut and New Jersey and flies them to destinations throughout the northeast. Imagine, no more staring at “Departure Screens”, hoping there’s a flight leaving within 4 hours.

“This country didn’t just have an economic meltdown; it has had an airline meltdown,” Hopscotch Air president and co-founder Andrew Schmertz says.

“People still need to fly and time is still money. They are clamoring for a solution to the airline mess. Airlines are reducing - and in some cases, canceling- service along many routes,” Schmertz says. “But travelers still need to get to that meeting at an affordable price. With Hopscotch Air, you show up, get on board and go.”

Unlike traditional charter, Hopscotch Air is competitive with the airlines. Two people can fly from New York to Boston for less than the walk-up fare on the Delta or US Airways Shuttle. Where a commercial flight to Nantucket takes more than two hours, with a stop in Boston, Hopscotch Air flies direct in less than an hour.

Some Popular Destinations and Fares

(Cost for the entire plane, 3 seats, roundtrip)

Cape Cod: $1900
Boston: $1400
Block Island: $1800
Albany: $850
Hartford: $850

Hopscotch Air flies the speedy Cirrus SR22, arguably the most technologically advanced general aviation aircraft flying. The Cirrus comfortably seats three passengers, travels at nearly 200 miles per hour, offers XM Satellite Radio and provides unparalleled safety with the Cirrus Whole Plane Parachute System that can safely lower the entire aircraft.

For more information on Hopscotch Air and to view a video about our services, visit www.flyhopscotch.com.

Hopscotch Air and the Hopscotch Air logo are registered trademarks of Hopscotch Air, Inc.

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