The SDR Forum Announces June “Smart Communications in Transportation Systems Workshop”

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The SDR Forum Announces June “Smart Communications in Transportation Systems Workshop”

The SDR Forum Announces June “Smart Communications in Transportation Systems Workshop”

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today The SDR Forum (www.sdrforum.org), a non-profit international industry organization dedicated to promoting the success of next-generation radio technologies, announced a workshop on Smart communications in Transportation Systems to be held June 18, during its 63rd General Meeting in Dearborn, Michigan at the Dearborn Hyatt.

“Disparate wireless standards, differing regional regulatory requirements and differing product life cycles between vehicles and evolving wireless standards are all issues in the transportation systems arena,” says SDR Forum CEO Lee Pucker. “This workshop will allow vehicle manufacturers and government representatives worldwide to get together with leading experts in reconfigurable radio technologies to realize the technical and business advantages offered by SDR and CR technologies in modern transportation systems and make some headway on these issues.”

The workshop will feature keynotes by:

  • Michael Noblett, of Connexis, and
  • Marco D’Ambrosio, of SELEX Communications,

Along with presentations from representatives of Noblis, On-Star, Toyota Info. Technology Center, General Motors, Tyco Electronics, Virginia Tech, and Element CXI.

Workshop presentation topics will include:

  • Fully networked cars
  • Technical challenges in vehicular networking
  • SDR and cognitive radio in air transportation
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • The Virginia Smart Road
  • Optimizing GPS
  • and more

The workshop will be held in conjunction with The SDR Forum’s 63rd working meeting, which occurs June 15th to 18th, also at the Dearborn Hyatt, in Dearborn, Michigan. This meeting will comprise working sessions advancing the SDR Forum’s 2009 operations plan in support of the commercial, public safety, satellite communications, and international tactical radio communities. Groups tentatively scheduled to meet in Dearborn include:

  • International Tactical Radio Special Interest Group
  • Public Safety Special Interest Group
  • Satellite Communications Special Interest Group
  • Regulatory Committee
  • Cognitive Radio Work Group
  • Commercial Baseband Processing Technologies Work Group
  • Meta-language for Mobility Work Group
  • RF Technologies Task Group
  • SCA Work Group
  • Security Work Group
  • Smart Antenna Work Group
  • Test and Measurement Task Group
  • Transceiver System Interface Task Group

A list of The SDR Forum’s current projects can be found here.

Additional meeting highlights include:

  • A workshop on “Spectrum Sharing of TV Band Devices” to be held June 16th. This workshop will explore the common standards and/or practices for spectrum sharing are needed across otherwise incompatible TVBD communications networks. Additional information on this workshop can be found here. Highlights of the workshop include a keynote from Paul Kolodzy of Kolodzy Consulting and presentations from representatives of:
  • CogNeA
  • Cognitive Radio Technologies
  • Communications Research Center in Canada
  • Motorola
  • MSTV
  • Shared Spectrum Company
  • Shure
  • TDK
  • Trinity College
  • A plenary presentation will be given by Rohde & Schwarz on June 17th entitled “"Smart-RF" Compensation of Imperfect Analogue RF-Frontend Characteristics by Digital Means in a SDR.”

To learn more about the meeting and workshops, including hotel rates and reservation deadlines, visit www.sdrforum.org/.

About The SDR Forum

Established in 1996, The SDR Forum™ is a non-profit international industry association with a 100+ strong membership comprised of world class technical, business and government organizations from EMEA, Asia and the Americas who are passionate about creating a revolution in wireless communications based on reconfigurable radio. The SDR Forum is the only organization in the world dedicated to serving the industry's needs through advocacy, opportunity development, commercialization and education. For more information, please visit www.sdrforum.org.

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