Luggage Concierge Announces Alliance with UPS International

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Luggage Concierge Announces Alliance with UPS International

Luggage Concierge Announces Alliance with UPS International

HAWTHORNE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Luggage Concierge, the premier full service luggage shipping company which allows customers to “travel smarter” by eliminating the cumbersome airport baggage check-in process, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with UPS International, allowing an expansion of their delivery service to 220 domestic and international destinations.

“We are thrilled to partner with UPS International,” said Rick Horn, Luggage Concierge Vice President. “This partnership, along with Luggage Concierge’s state of the art systems and incomparable customer service, provides our valued customers with the utmost in luxury, convenience and personal service.”

Why stand in long lines at the airport to check your baggage?

Why worry if your bags are going to be safe from theft or damage?

Why worry at all?

Now in effect at Luggage Concierge:

Real-Time Tracking . . . Know Where Your Bags Are At ALL Times

  • Door to cabin or door to door, this enhancement is an industry first.

Fastest International Delivery Found Anywhere

  • Thanks to “Wheels Up Customs Clearance,” we deliver to most countries, including Canada, within eight business days.

Lower Pricing

  • More competitive pricing, along with round trip and multiple bag discounts.

No Hidden Fees

  • Unlike some of our competitors, the price you’re quoted is the price you pay. No extras such as pick up charges or out of area charges.

More Delivery Locations

  • Luggage Concierge delivers and picks up from more locations than anyone else.

Best Insurance Coverage In The Industry

  • Guaranteed peace of mind in knowing that EACH bag (and NOT your total shipment) is insured for $2,500. In fact, Luggage Concierge is so confident of its on time delivery that it now offers Delayed Delivery Insurance. If your bags are not delivered on time, Luggage Concierge will reimburse you up to $1,000 for needed purchases.

On your next trip experience the Luggage Concierge luxury.

That’s what stress free travel is all about.

That’s what traveling smarter is all about.


Luggage Concierge provides the highest level of service when shipping your luggage. Available to both the domestic and international leisure and business traveler, Luggage Concierge provides door to cabin or door-to-door service to and from your destination – thus allowing you to navigate through airports or board your cruise ship without the discomfort and inconvenience of carrying your luggage.

Luxury, convenience, personal service.

“Meet Your Luggage There” with Luggage Concierge.

Visit www.luggageconcierge.com.

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