PHI Air Medical Positions for the Future

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PHI Air Medical Positions for the Future

PHI Air Medical Positions for the Future

LAFAYETTE, La.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PHI, Inc. (“PHI”) (The Nasdaq Global Market: PHII)(voting) (The Nasdaq Global Market: PHIIK) (non-voting) -- Positioning the Company for the future as well as keeping pace with expected shifts in healthcare and the air medical industry, PHI has made important strategic decisions that will positively impact both the short term and long term success of the organization.

While PHI Air Medical is recognized as one of the premier air medical service providers in the United States, its leadership recognized the need to build upon the organization’s highly successful platform for continued future success. PHI Air Medical will continue to evaluate all facets of its operations to ensure the highest levels of safety and performance, and will also begin to place a new emphasis on key areas that impact the industry as a whole and PHI specifically.

Howard Ragsdale, former Director of PHI Air Medical, will assume the critical role of Director of Industry and Government Affairs for PHI. In this capacity, Howard will not only continue to identify opportunities for PHI Air Medical to expand its successful traditional, hospital-based programs, but also help to position the organization to adapt to anticipated changes in the nation’s health care system.

“I recognize the magnitude of my responsibilities – not only as they pertain to PHI, but our industry as a whole,” said Howard Ragsdale. “In my new position, I will be able to make a meaningful difference not only to legislative affairs that affect our business, but to the safety of all who fly. I am committed to the industry and to this great organization which remains at the forefront.”

Because of his role in the creation and leadership of the Air Medical Operators Association (“AMOA”), Howard will remain at the head of PHI’s efforts to elevate the standards of operational safety for the air medical industry. With vast industry contacts, expertise in aviation safety, and extensive knowledge in both traditional and community-based programs, Howard is uniquely qualified to help guide PHI through a rapidly changing healthcare and air medical environment.

From Howard Ragsdale’s leadership, PHI Air Medical is recognized as one of the nation’s premier air medical service providers. The organization was presented with the first-ever Vision Zero Aviation Safety Award for its industry leading safety initiatives and Enhanced Operational Control program, which has since been adopted by the FAA as an industry best practice. PHI is the first major operator to implement night vision goggle technology on all air medical helicopters it flies. Additionally, Howard played an instrumental role in shaping the Company’s focus on improved clinical standards and is responsible for building an elite team of professionals who safely transport more than 30,000 patients each year.

With Howard’s focus and responsibilities shifting to these new areas of importance, Lance Bospflug, Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) of PHI Inc., will assume, on an interim basis, the position of Director of the Air Medical Group. Lance will continue to serve in dual capacities -- as COO of PHI and Director of the Air Medical Group.

“We are committed to continuing to lead our industry with forward thinking decisions and investments,” said Lance Bospflug. “This change reflects an important opportunity for us to refocus areas of our leadership in order to meet the changing environment in which we live and work. With this and other operational decisions, we are now well-positioned for great success ahead.”

PHI Air Medical

PHI Air Medical is a business unit of PHI, Inc., the world leader in rotary flight for over sixty years and provides support for many of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations. PHI Air Medical safely transports more than 30,000 patients each year from its community and traditional hospital-based operations. PHI Air Medical headquarters are located in Phoenix, Arizona with bases strategically positioned in states across the country.

PHI Inc.

PHI provides helicopter transportation and related services to a broad range of customers including the oil and gas industry, air medical programs and the third-party maintenance business. PHI Common Stock is traded on The Nasdaq National Market System (symbols PHII and PHIIK).

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