EAA: Aluminium to Contribute to Safer and Cleaner Air Transport

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EAA: Aluminium to Contribute to Safer and Cleaner Air Transport

EAA: Aluminium to Contribute to Safer and Cleaner Air Transport

BRUSSELS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At the hundredth-anniversary Paris Air Show 2009 (Le Bourget, France), aluminium positions itself as one of the most abundant materials on display: a material that meets every requirement for aerodynamic, safe, durable and environmentally friendly designs. The ultimate material for today’s and tomorrow’s airplanes.

Since the Wright Brothers used an aluminium engine for the first flight of their ‘Kitty Hawk’ in 1903, the rapid adoption and major role of aluminium have contributed significantly to the phenomenal growth of the aerospace industries. Today aluminium accounts for approximately 80% of the structural weight of airplanes.

Aerospace is one of the best known applications of aluminium, and even the most important of them according to 65% of Europe’s decision makers and opinion formers1. “Aerospace may not be the biggest market for aluminium in volumes, but it definitely concentrates some of the most demanding, innovative and state-of-the-art aluminium solutions” – says Patrick de Schrynmakers, Secretary General for the European Aluminium Association. Many everyday uses of aluminium, for instance in cars, originate in aerospace research and development.

“Aluminium is light yet strong” – de Schrynmakers insists. “With many sophisticated and high value added alloys, we can cater for the most specific needs of aircraft manufacturers. Aluminium’s many unrivalled properties, its corrosion resistance, its durability, its impermeability and malleability enable it to suit every imaginable design. Above all aluminium allows creating sturdy and robust structures while keeping weight down for significant fuel savings and accordingly reduced carbon emissions.”

To catch a glimpse of the countless uses of aluminium in modern aerospace applications, visit the Paris Air Show 2009 at Le Bourget (15-21 June). To learn more about how aluminium contributes to your everyday life, go to www.aluminium.org.

The European Aluminium Association, founded in 1981, represents the European aluminium industry from alumina and primary production to semi-finished and end-use products, through to recycling. The European aluminium industry directly employs about 255,000 people.

1 Perception survey carried out for EAA in January-February 2009 on a sample of 123 decision and opinion makers in 10 EU member states.

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