CUSTOMER WIN: Major Corporate T&E Management Company Takes Flight with BMC Software

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SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Concur Technologies (NASDAQ: CNQR) is a premier provider of on-demand employee spend management services. More than 10 percent of the world’s business travelers rely on Concur’s strong, reliable, and highly flexible IT backbone to process more than $35 billion in annual corporate travel and expenses.

Concur relies on BMC Software’s (NYSE: BMC) Business Service Management (BSM) platform to power its datacenter, enabling the company to move forward rapidly in its virtualization and cloud computing efforts.

Concur IT must navigate a complex business environment. Changing market conditions, a host of third-party vendors for booking systems, air travel websites, and various browser settings for millions of end-users all create a situation where strong IT automation and management is imperative. New and unforeseen variables – from technology environments inherited through acquisitions to a rush of travel schedule changes sparked by swine flu – add even more importance to Concur’s need for an IT platform that can respond rapidly and reliably to business demands.

Concur uses BMC BladeLogic Operations Manager to automate the release of new code and patches to thousands of servers supporting the company’s travel and expense product and audit the environment to ensure it remains compliant.

“BMC has allowed us to eliminate 40 percent of the time we spent researching errors, while at the same time increasing server deployments by nearly 30 percent,” said Geoff Nelson, Senior Manager Production Services at Concur. “We guarantee success with each deployment, and then audit and double check that audit to make sure we’re delivering on our service levels. Doing a full-blown audit on each one of these servers was a very time consuming activity, but with BMC BladeLogic it’s as simple as pushing a button.”

A major priority for Concur IT is to reduce capital costs and improve business agility through virtualization and cloud computing. Concur is currently using BMC to consistently manage and deploy applications on a combination of physical and virtual machines and is planning to host 80 percent of its IT resources on a virtualized private cloud environment in the near future.

“The cost savings and agility provided by highly virtualized and cloud environments are very attractive,” said Craig Baughn, vice president of Hosting Operations at Concur. “We are confident BMC’s unified platform for physical and virtual environments will ensure our smooth transition to the cloud and enable us to maintain the superior standard of service we’ve been providing our customers for the past 16 years.”

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