Secure Trailer Depot Offers New Safe Location in Dallas, TX

Dépèche transmise le 15 octobre 2009 par Business Wire

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Secure Trailer Depot has opened another new location at 10851 Miller Road, Dallas, TX. The high security Dallas, TX property is completely fenced and provides 24 hour security staffing. STDI Laredo incorporates high resolution cameras, full property lighting, and bar coding of each unit entering the property. Customers are provided web access allowing them real time visibility to their specific activity based asset data. The web enabled security platform also allows customers to directly control the release of equipment from the site preventing unauthorized departure of trailing equipment. This location also offers warehouse storage, truck parking and material transfer and cross-dock services.

Secure Trailer Depot is the industry leader in technology enhanced secure trailer parking services. Secure Trailer Depot customers benefit from utilizing as much or as little trailer storage space as needed to support their operations while eliminating the capital investment in land, technology and human capital associated with operations of this type. Secure Trailer Depot provides its customers with short and long term access solutions to meet specific needs as well as the operational data to support each individual solution.

About Secure Trailer Depot:

Secure Trailer Depot is a specialized transportation security company that provides a safe haven for carriers to store loaded and unloaded assets in a highly protected environment. Secure Trailer Depot offers High Security drop lots, Customized Security Consulting, warehousing, cross docking and long term equipment storage. Carriers, Owner-operators and manufacturers use the services to secure cargo and overflow trailer parking for their fleets.

The company was founded by John Glavin, a cargo security and investigation professional with over 20 years of experience in cargo claims and security consulting. Mr. Glavin identified a need to park loaded and unloaded trailers in high risk markets in a safe environment. The cargo and trailers are protected by 24/7 security guards, surveillance cameras, completely fenced locations and all assets are logged into our tracking system. The tracking provides our customers with an online access to the inventory on site and in and outbound dates and time.

Secure Trailer Depot currently operates in El Paso, TX, Laredo, TX Dallas TX, and Monterrey, Mexico. Future locations are planned for Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN, Orlando, FL and New Jersey.

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