Jeddah Based Dallah Albaraka as International Launch Client for the Jetaire Group at Dubai Air Show 2009

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, November 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Announced today at the Dubai Airshow, the Jetaire Group, an industry leader in complete avionics and electrical systems solutions where durability and peak performance are vital, has completed the installation of an innovative product that can keep auxiliary aircraft fuel tanks from igniting. Saudi Arabian major conglomerate Dallah Albaraka is the first company to benefit from Jetaire's ground-breaking solution that also reduces the cost for increasing fire suppression in transport category airplanes.

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Engineered by the Jetaire Group and installed in The Dallah Albaraka Group's Boeing 727 with Rogerson auxiliary fuel tanks, the solution is the result of Jetaire's substantial FAA and European certification experience and the 25 years of technical experience of its on-staff DERs and DARs.

Faisal Haddadin, Advisor to the Chairman of Dallah Flight Operations said, "We were diligent in exploring a number of options for our modification, and the Jetaire solution exceeded the criteria as the most cost-effective and efficient that we have seen. By simultaneously satisfying our requirements and the regulatory mandates while providing the level of experience needed for a program of this complexity, Jetaire also saved us both money and down time. Jetaire's ability to deliver value, quality and exceed requirements was a major consideration for Dallah."

As a result of the catastrophic explosion of TWA's flight 800 in 1997, aviation regulatory bodies require that affected auxiliary fuel tanks, including most systems manufactured by ATS, PATS and Rogerson, be upgraded to meet new safety guidelines. While typical solutions address single phases of the requirements, the Jetaire solution is compliant with all phases and has been approved for immediate installation in a number of models of Boeing Business jets.

"Jetaire understands the complex requirements of the regulations and those of our customers, and our experts have created a seamless solution with no potential failure modes and a certified 14-year service life," said Michael Williams, president of Jetaire and a member of the International Fire Protections Working Group. "We have been responsible for certification of more than 500 major regulatory approvals for commercial and corporate aircraft and nearly 200 major design approvals. This solution for protecting aircraft fuel systems from explosion is vital for aviation safety and a hallmark for Jetaire."

In addition to a large number of certifications, Jetaire also holds 20 other Supplemental Type Certifications (STCs) for smoke detection and fire suppression in business and commercial aircraft. As the first company to certify the commercial use of the military version of an explosion suppressant that protects the most advanced tactical fighter aircraft currently in service, Jetaire is now developing structural corrections to B737 aircraft that have PATS tanks requiring deactivation according to directives for airworthiness.

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Jetaire Group (), with more than 25 years of certification experience, is an industry leader in complete avionics and electrical systems solutions including certification, manufacture, and modification for customers in the aviation and aerospace industries. Responsible for certification of more than 500 major FAA approvals for commercial and corporate aircraft and nearly 200 major design approvals, Jetaire is recognized for providing high reliability electronic and hardware systems support for critical functions where durability and peak performance are vital. With deep aviation and aerospace expertise and the capacity for immediate response to changes in FAA regulations and guidelines, to technology, and to customer requirements, Jetaire Group(TM) provides services through its affiliates Jetaire Aerospace & Technology, Inc.(TM), Jetaire Flight Systems, LLC(TM), and Jetaire Aerospace, LLC.

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