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LONDON, January 22 /PRNewswire/ -- The ski industry has taken a real beating this year. Not only have tour operators had to trade during a recession, which deflated the demand for ski holidays, but the additional burden of a weaker pound has given British skiers another reason to stay at home this year.

On top of this, many French resorts increased the prices of their liftpasses by as much as 15% for 2009/10. This increase would be hefty during a normal year, much more so in a recession!

But we have seen this reaction before - in times of an expected downturn, the knee jerk reaction has been to put prices up to compensate for a lower footfall on the slopes.

Simple economics that might work in the short term, but in practice it is ruining the public's desire to ski in France. People are starting to look further afield where ski passes are a third less and the price of a pint of beer won't set you back a tenner!

With ski extras and apres ski clocking in at considerably more expensive rates this year, coupled with the increased cost of the euro, (at parity to your pound on the high street), many British skiers are feeling understandably ripped off by our French friends, which is perhaps why we are being inundated with requests for Austrian and Italian ski holiday destinations to a degree we haven't seen before.

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