Fraport AG Waives Aircraft Parking Fees During the "Ash Cloud" Crisis

Dépèche transmise le 22 avril 2010 par PRNewswire

FRANKFURT, Germany, April 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- As a thank you to the airlines for their close cooperation in coping with the shutdown of European airspace and as a sign of solidarity, Fraport AG is waiving charges for the aircraft parked at Frankfurt Airport (FRA). Aircraft parking charges accumulated from last Friday though Tuesday have amounted to half a million euros at FRA, according to Fraport executive board chairman Dr. Stefan Schulte. "The ash cloud has severely hit the entire air transport industry. By waiving these parking charges, we are sending a clear signal of our partnership. Indirectly, this crisis has confirmed our strategy of expanding Fraport's business activities at Frankfurt Airport as well as marketing a wide range of airport management services internationally."

Fraport AG's revenue loss due to halted air traffic amounted to approximately EUR15 million during the period from last Friday through Tuesday. Yesterday (Wednesday), flight operations started to normalize, reaching half the usual level. "Today (Thursday), we have been able to restore flight operations faster than expected to nearly the scheduled level by stepping up airport processes," stressed Schulte. Only about 100 flights are expected to be cancelled today. The airlines are making every effort to deploy aircraft and personnel in keeping with the coordinated schedule.

Furthermore, Fraport is expecting a number of unscheduled flights in the next two or three days. Many airlines are offering their stranded passengers additional opportunities to get back home, said Schulte. In general, flight operations at Germany's largest airport have been largely restored to normal scheduled levels.

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