Newton Performance Improvement Programme Rolled out to Second Aircelle Site

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LONDON, May 24, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Building on the dramatic success of an initial performance improvement project, Aircelle, a leading player in the global aviation nacelle market, has engaged Newton, Europe's premier operational and financial improvement specialist, to roll out its innovative package of efficiency measures to a second site.

By bringing in a fresh approach developed by its team of highly qualified and expert engineers, Newton was able to achieve significant financial benefits valued in six figures at Aircelle's Burnley site in North West England. This included looking at alternative purchasing procedures including e-auctions; rationalising internal processes; introducing more rigorous stock control and optimising material damage control, as well as establishing greater dialogue with workers, managers and suppliers to stimulate innovation.

'The success that Newton brought to our Burnley site in their recently completed project provided the evidence to support a roll out,' said Aircelle Managing Director, Andrew White. 'By working on the shop floor at Burnley, Newton's engineers were able to provide us with practical solutions that fixed bottlenecks and other problems in our manufacturing processes and supply chain. They didn't just produce data and a thick report, but passed on their expertise to our people so our workforce and management could build on the initial achievements in the longer term.'

Aircelle has now asked Newton to look at their operations at its Le Havre site in Northern France to build on the success of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) project at Burnley, which focused on the company aerospace grade fasteners activities.

Newton will be adopting the same methodology at Aircelle's Le Havre site. Aircelle selected the Oxford-based company on the basis of its track record in the area of performance improvement and their shared views of best practices. Newton offers clients a 'no win, no fee' guarantee whereby the cost of the firm's services are met out of pre-agreed improvement criteria.

Ian Quest, Director at Newton said, 'Aircelle has revolutionised the aviation sector with its commitment to innovation, dynamism and quality. Performance improvement is what has distinguished them in the market place and we are delighted to be working with them on this programme.'

He added, 'Clients obtain a range of benefits from our services. As well as reducing costs, the improvements that we help bring about can boost production to meet demand spikes without increasing costs or capital outlay.'

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