Animal Airways Revolutionizes International Flying With Pets by Introducing a new Service: Regulations & Document Check On-line

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LONDON, July 5, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Traveling and relocating worldwide with pets or shipping pets abroad as cargo requires operating under strict rules and regulations enforced by both countries of departure and the destination. Rules and regulations are frequently added or updated and that requires a professional global approach in order to obtain a 'heads up'.

Animal Airways is a leading global pet flight and relocation provider. The company recently developed the most advanced worldwide database - with 100% accuracy. Relying on our latest development, Animal Airways offers clients a professional document check relevant for shipping pets to and from every country around the globe on-line.

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, head veterinarian for Animal Airways, said: "Handling forms and regulations for shipping pets internationally is a critical stage for every pet owner. In order to fill out all the forms properly and on schedule, one needs to know all the details relevant for both sides of the map, for example: what is the minimum age that a dog has to be in order to enter a country or how to get access to a specific form."

Dr. Kreiner explained that the decision to establish the new document check service was based on clients (pet owners around the world) confessing that they have a hard time and even feel hopeless when dealing with the formality aspects of shipping pets internationally. Dr. Kreiner said: "Our experts at Animal Airways are constantly seeking new ways to assist our target audience with new innovative products and services. Therefore, it was only natural we focus on providing an effective solution for the most common problem in the field of pets flight and relocation."

The precise, professional and updated information you will receive on-line will save you time, but most importantly it will save you the stress and anxiety people experience when preparing for an international flight with pets.

Animal Airways will provide clients with details regarding all the forms and documents relevant for shipping their pets, offering them a solution no other operator could measure up to.

Ayala Bar, PR Manager - Animal Airways UK +44-203-051-4087 USA +1-646-452-9548 Canada +1-647-478-5605 [email protected] http://www.animalairways.com

CONTACT: Ayala Bar, PR Manager - Animal Airways, UK: +44-203-051-4087;USA: +1-646-452-9548; Canada: +1-647-478-5605,


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