Egencia Delivers Powerful New Features and Technology to Uncover Savings and Support Traveller Duty of Care

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LONDON, July 21, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Egencia(R), an Expedia, Inc. company, today released new product features and tools, bringing more spend transparency and traveller security to organisations. Among the additions to the platform are: an innovative Air Fare Benchmarking tool that actively monitors fare trends on requested routes and benchmarks them against the same route over the last 3 months; and a Traveller Security platform in partnership with red24 that provides a high standard for orgnisations' traveller duty of care by monitoring traveller movements globally.

Remaining true to its heritage and history of innovation, Egencia continues to deliver tools, technology and full-service travel management to its clients globally. In addition to these new capabilities, the company has also optimised the usability of the Egencia self-booking platform, making further enhancements to its seamless and traveller-friendly interface so organisations can drive program compliance and ultimately company savings.

"Businesses today are faced with the challenge of managing travel spend in a shifting landscape," said Christophe Pingard, Senior Vice President, Egencia Europe and Asia-Pacific. "The tools and technology we are releasing today is our answer to their request for more information and insight to actively monitor and control spend, and increase support traveller duty of care."

Air Fare Benchmarking delivers powerful and timely information to travel bookers and travel directors, driving better choices and increasing savings.

The inclusion of average purchase price data and trends indicates the competitiveness of the fare at the time of the booking. Based on its fully integrated self-booking platform, Egencia is able to display timely and dynamic data at the time of booking. During the travel booking process, the travel booker can now see the average air ticket price (ATP) for the same route, same class of service and same point of sale over the last three months as well as a graph displaying ATP trends for that route over the last year. This information helps travel bookers with their decision making process and reassures them that they are getting the best fare.

Travel directors are empowered with the same meaningful information through the addition of new reporting capabilities to Egencia's business intelligence and analytics platform. Air Fare Benchmarking reports show an analysis of fare trends, comparing air tickets booked by the customer against air tickets booked by all Egencia customers. This provides the travel director with the ability to identify savings opportunities and fine tune policy guidelines.

"Our clients expect Egencia to pioneer new features and services that support their program goals," said Simon Tam, Senior Vice President, Egencia Global. "We wanted to expand organisations' ability to manage traveller safety and emergency response to cope with major events such as the Volcano ash cloud or any natural disaster. In combination with our 24-7 premium corporate travel agents and our experienced account management team, our new Traveller Security platform increases our clients' visibility and insight into their traveller's movements around the world."

The Traveller Security platform supports organisations' responsibility to traveller duty of care and enables travel directors and security managers to locate and monitor travellers worldwide.

Built in partnership with red24, Egencia's new Traveller Security platform gives travel or security managers the ability to monitor travellers globally via an online tool which includes current air and hotel information. It provides an easy-to-view risk matrix of countries around the world based on risk factors including terrorism, crime, political environment, and infrastructure.

The reporting functionality of the Traveller Security platform enables travel directors and security managers to actively monitor and manage travellers' itineraries so that it's easier and faster to contact and support them in case of emergency. Email and SMS features trigger notifications of high risk bookings and enables timely communication and education to travellers. The Traveller Security platform also gives detailed information on specific locations including emergency numbers.

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