Innovation in Loyalty, the first club(TM) Launches eBook and Audio Book Digital Rewards to Engage Consumers and Encourage Higher Brand Interaction

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LONDON, January 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- With over half the UK adult population belonging to at least one loyalty program, how can brands differentiate their programs while providing exciting, relevant and usable rewards? the first club(TM) has just expanded its digital rewards platform to help airline, hotel and retail loyalty programs do just that, by adding eBooks () and audio books () to its digital rewards catalog.

The launch of the eBook and audio book digital catalogs by the first club(TM) coincides with the massive increase in eBook sales, which have almost doubled during 2010 and now make up 9% of total consumer book sales in the United States. In the UK, eBook sales are also growing rapidly, with one major publisher accounting for 5% of sales through eBooks, predicting that UK ebook sales will overtake the US.

The catalogs launch with over 100,000 titles including latest releases from best-selling authors such as Stieg Larsson, Tom McCarthy, Salman Rushdie, Dan Brown and John Grisham, in over a dozen genres. The eBooks work on most eReader formats and are available in English - with French, German and Spanish being added in early 2011. Audio books are available in English and German, with more languages being added shortly.

Launched in 2009, the first club(TM) is the first global digital loyalty, incentive and promotions solution of its kind, offering instant, usable rewards: consumers can download the latest in premium digital content including over 34 million choices of mp3 tracks, mobile phone apps, games, eBooks, audio books and software to engage with their favorite brands. Unlike other digital content sites, the first club(TM) is the only digital platform that is culturally relevant, offering international and local content based on the user's location, available in 12 languages.

Loyalty Challenge

One of the biggest hurdles for loyalty programs is reward redemption and the number of points needed for the lowest reward level. There are over 120 million people enrolled in frequent flyer programs and trillions of miles that never get used: in many cases, consumers lose motivation to remain loyal to a brand's program as they feel the rewards are not attainable. the first club(TM) removes this barrier by giving consumers the opportunity to redeem meaningful rewards in all areas of their life: music, games, mobile content and now eBooks and audio books, with content starting as low as 10 points or GBP 0.65.

"Today's consumers are sophisticated and demanding. They want more value from every pound they spend, and when it comes to loyalty programs, they want value and rewards they can use - immediately. the first club(TM) solution is helping airline, hotel and retail brands build more value into their loyalty programs by offering instant and relevant rewards, through an extensive catalog of downloadable digital content to suit all tastes and lifestyles. They can access and redeem their points online or via mobile, and use their rewards wherever they are. And with recent forecasts about the massive growth of eBook sales, our newly released eBooks and audio books reinforce the need for providing relevant, useful and meaningful rewards to customers or employees," says Denis Huré, CEO and co-founder of the first club.

The result? Higher brand interaction and increased loyalty and what loyalty manager would say no to that?

For more information about the first club(TM) or to experience the first club(TM) digital rewards solution and download digital content firsthand, please contact Vanessa Horwell at +44-203-372-4809 or or visit .

CONTACT: Vanessa Horwell, ThinkInk, +44-203-372-4809,


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