Realization Releases Video Presentations from Delta, Tata Steel and Others on Increasing Enterprise Throughput by Synchronizing Project Execution

Dépèche transmise le 10 janvier 2011 par Business Wire

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Realization, a premium provider of enterprise throughput systems, today announced that videos of presentations from its annual conference, Project Flow 2010 are publicly available at http://videos.realization.com/results. In these video presentations, executives from successful organizations detail how they dramatically improved synchronization of project execution to improve completion times and overall efficiency for significant projects, while at the same time adding hundreds of millions of dollars to their top and bottom lines.

Organizations represented in the videos include (links lead to full videos) Ciba Vision, Delta TechOps, Dr. Reddy’s, emcocables, Owens-Illinois, Spirit AeroSystems and TATA Steel. A nine-minute video that includes highlights from each of these companies’ presentations is also available at the following link. During their presentations at ProjectFlow, these organizations discuss how they achieved an average 40 percent improvement in throughput, with many experiencing these results within a just few weeks of working with Realization.

Below are examples of success stories contained in the presentations:

  • Aviation MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul). Representatives of Delta TechOps discuss how they increased throughput without adding personnel or capital equipment. The results are impressive – Delta TechOps was able to grow revenue to over $500 million and monetize $60 million in assets from reduced turnaround times, all without adding more resources.
  • Engineer-to-Order/Engineering. Constraints Management Group (CMG), Knight Industries/emcocables, Ismeca Semiconductor, Owens-Illinois, Škoda Power, Spirit AeroSystems and TATA Steel explain how Realization helped them accelerate engineering or engineer-to-order projects, reduce cycle-time and increase on-time performance. Owens-Illinois achieved a 30 percent increase in throughput for their glass manufacturing plant engineering operation, while Knight Industries/emcocables shortened the time required to open a new factory by 25 percent.
  • Healthcare Services and Drug Development. Using a synchronized project execution management approach, CIBA VISION brought a large, complex, multi-location research and development project under control with the help of Realization. Dr. Reddy’s shortened the time to develop new drugs by 40% and increased the number of product launches by 75%.

The Project Flow 2010 Conference video presentations provide firsthand information about the impact of Realization’s synchronized project execution methodology. It improves the rate of project execution, which leads to significant improvements in project completion times, throughput and cost performance. As a result, organizations add millions of dollars to the bottom line and balance sheets via additional revenue, cost savings and monetized inventory. For more information, please visit www.realization.com.

About Realization

Realization is a premium provider of enterprise throughput systems. Using our patented critical chain technology, customers such as ABB, Boeing, and the U.S. Air Force take their projects to completion in the face of uncertainties, thus saving time and money. For operations that range from overhauling aircraft to engineering nuclear power plants, Realization’s solution keeps execution synchronized and on track. In the last ten years, more than 200 clients have realized more than $1 billion in hard savings by completing more projects faster with limited resources. Realization is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with additional offices in India, France and South Africa. For more information, visit www.realization.com.

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