Omni Air International Receives IOSA Registration

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TULSA, Oklahoma, March 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Omni Air International (Omni) receives IOSA registration.

Omni has successfully met the standards and recommended practices necessary to achieve IATA's Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) registration. Omni becomes the first non-scheduled passenger airline in the United States to achieve IOSA's high standard for its passenger services.

The IOSA program is designed to ensure that Omni, and all other operators attaining registration, not only meet national standards in the key areas of an airline's management, flight operations, system control, aircraft maintenance, cabin, ground handling, cargo and security, but that they hold themselves to a higher set of internationally-recognized standards. "Omni has an uncompromising commitment to safety and quality that has driven our company to take on these very high standards. We are extremely proud to be listed in the company of the more than 350 operators that have achieved recognition through the registry," said Jeff Crippen, Omni's President and CEO. "All of the employees at Omni put in extraordinary effort every day to ensure that we provide each of our customers with that extra level of safety and service that is represented by IATA's recognition today."

Omni, as a successful non-scheduled airline with worldwide experience, has operated to more than 70 countries, with over 60,000 flights totaling more than 300,000 flight hours with its fleet of B767-300, B757-200, and DC10-30 extended range aircraft. Its customers have included both government and commercial market segments from various countries. Omni provides turnkey and ACMI solutions for airlines around the globe.

Omni's commitment to fleet modernization continues with the addition of the B777-200ER aircraft. This fleet type will enhance Omni's ability to provide another widebody product for its customers that offers greater range and fuel efficiency.

Omni, based in Tulsa, OK, is an FAA 121 certificated non-scheduled airline. Founded in 1993, OMNI continues to build on its success as a leader in the industry. Omni's team of aviation professionals has a "Can Do" spirit where safety and customer service always come first.

CONTACT: Richard Ziskind of Omni Air International Inc., +1-918-831-3940,


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