Optosecurity Attains European Liquid Explosive Detection (LEDS) Certification on Single-View Platforms

Dépèche transmise le 15 mars 2011 par PRNewswire

QUEBEC CITY, March 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Optosecurity Inc., a leader in threat detection technology, announced today that following extensive testing by ECAC, its OptoScreener(R) has been certified on a number of host checkpoint X-ray scanner platforms and conforms to all criterion allowing for Type C operations. Type C compliance means that multiple liquid containers are screened with no requirement for containers to be opened, all containers removed from cabin baggage.

Optosecurity has gained certification on single view X-ray platforms providing airport operators with the only "upgrade" Type C Certified single view X-ray LEDS available today on the market. OptoScreener(R) has been EU Type C Certified on Smiths Detection HI-SCAN6040i and 6046si platforms.

With the gradual relaxing of liquid restrictions surrounding passenger cabin baggage within the EU commencing on 29th April 2011, (culminating with a full lifting of restrictions by 29th April 2013), the OptoScreener(R) enables single view X-ray platforms to automatically detect liquid threats in real time. Airports throughout the EU are looking for technology solutions that will enable them not only to comply with new regulations on liquids but that will also offer a cost effective way of screening liquids without affecting throughput, or significantly altering their existing operations.

Eric Bergeron, President and CEO, Optosecurity, said "Optosecurity is extremely proud that its liquid threat detection technology has been certified by ECAC as Type C. Our OptoScreener(R) system provides airport operators with the only solution on the market to upgrade their existing single view X-ray machines. We offer airport operators a chance to protect their invested capital and comply with Type C regulation, making compliance compatible with real life operations."

About Optosecurity Inc.

Optosecurity Inc. develops innovative security software solutions for the transportation and critical infrastructure markets. The OptoScreener(R) includes the XMS(R) Suite to enhance X-ray systems with advanced liquid threat detection, providing a meaningful step-change in countering threats. In addition, Optosecurity's integrated security screening eVelocity(TM) provides real-time remote checkpoint screening and operations management, network management, and data analytics.

For further information: Steve Buchan, Sales Director EMEA [email protected] +44(0)7817-207634 or Timothy Mathews, Vice-President of Sales and Business Development [email protected] +1-617-686-6829

CONTACT: For further information: Steve Buchan, Sales Director EMEA,, +44(0)7817-207634 or Timothy Mathews,Vice-President of Sales and Business Development,, +1-617-686-6829


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