Rolls-Royce Forecasts Global Demand for 16,900 New Turbine Helicopters During Next Ten Years

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Rolls-Royce Forecasts Global Demand for 16,900 New Turbine Helicopters During Next Ten Years

Rolls-Royce Forecasts Global Demand for 16,900 New Turbine Helicopters During Next Ten Years

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rolls-Royce, the global power systems company, today forecast long-term growth in demand for new turbine helicopters. Over the ten-year period beginning 2011, total helicopter deliveries are predicted to be more than 16,900 units as the market responds to improving economic fundamentals and the world’s military operators continue to require increased vertical lift capability. In both segments, demand for replacement of retired and aging helicopters will combine with new technology offerings to enhance civil and military market demand.

Patricia O’Connell, Rolls-Royce, President – Customer Business Defense, North America, said: “While the market has not returned as quickly as the industry desired, basic indicators, such as emerging market demand and access to favorable financing terms, are beginning to support a positive environment for civil rotorcraft. Likewise, defense rotorcraft requirements, particularly for humanitarian and theater transport, continue with increased importance on hot and high operations.”

Rolls-Royce projects deliveries of more than 16,900 new turbine helicopters valued at $140 billion during the 2011 – 2020 period. These helicopters will require approximately 27,000 new turbine engines valued at more than $12 billion.

The civil market will experience modest unit growth, especially in new entry-level turbine helicopters. Rolls-Royce forecasts around 10,900 civil helicopters to be delivered during the ten year period, with an overall airframe value estimated at $34 billion and associated engine value of $4.6 billion.

Military original equipment manufacturer (OEM) deliveries are predicted to total approximately 6,070 new military helicopters during the ten-year period, with an airframe value of approximately $106 billion and an associated installed engine value of around $7.8 billion.



1. Rolls-Royce is a world-leading provider of power systems and services for use on land, at sea and in the air, and has established a strong position in global markets - civil aerospace, defence aerospace, marine and energy.
2. As a result of this strategy, Rolls-Royce has a broad customer base comprising more than 500 airlines, 4,000 corporate and utility aircraft and helicopter operators, 160 armed forces, more than 2,500 marine customers, including 70 navies, and energy customers in nearly 120 countries, with an installed base of 54,000 gas turbines.
3. In 2010, Rolls-Royce invested £923 million on research and development, two thirds of which had the objective of further improving the environmental performance of its products, in particular reducing emissions.
4. Rolls-Royce is the world-leading producer of light turbine engines in the helicopter market. The M250 line has produced over 30,000 engines, more than half of which are still in service with approximately 4,500 operators in 150 nations. The M250 family has accumulated more than 200 million flight hours, providing an unmatched level of expertise in every conceivable operational condition.
5. Rolls-Royce turboshaft and turboprop engines provide power in the 300 shp to more than 7,300 shp range, powering over 200 aircraft models to date including the Bell 206/407/430 and AgustaWestland Super Lynx/AW159/T129. This creates a broad base of market opportunities for both rotary and fixed-winged aircraft.

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